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JW/LB2PG Bear Island

Erling, LB2PG will be active as JW/LB2PG, not JW2BG, as announced earlier, from Bear Island, IOTA EU - 027, starting June 2019 and planning to stay there until November 2019.
He will operate on 80 - 20m SSB, using FT990 transceiver with 1 kwt amplifier and multiband dipole antenna
QSL via LB2PG buro.
Bear Island is count as separate country for WAE Award.

Bear Bjornoya Island. Author - Stein Grønvik.

JW2PG JW/LB2PG. Bear Island. QSL Card.

Bear Bjornoya Island. Author - Tim Ellis.

JW/LB2PG. Where is Bear Island located. Map.

JW/LB2PG Bear Island. Sunrise 07-11-2020 at GMT sunset at GMT