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AH2R Guam Island

2019-05-24 12:31:17

Toshi, JI3ERV will be active as AH2R from Guam Island, IOTA OC - 026, in CQ WW WPX CW Contest, 25 - 26 May 2019.

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Contesting on All Bands From 1,8 MHz to 1,3 GHz in OL3Z Style

2019-05-07 17:35:59

While the majority of Amateur Radio operators choose only a few of the HF bands, below 30 MHz, to participate in contests, there are some broad-minded enthusiasts who go beyond this limit and have as much fun on VHF, UHF and SHF bands.

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A44A Oman

2018-11-18 12:56:27

A44A Team will be active from Oman in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 24 - 25 November 2018.

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9W2VWT Sungai Besi Malaysia

2018-09-08 13:43:08

Video Engku Nasir Engku Mansor, 9W2VWT from Sungai Besi, Malaysia in All Asian DX SSB Contest 2018.

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Andrius, LY7Z WRTC Addicted

2018-08-05 13:15:18

In the past twenty years, a new, informal club of Amateur Radio operators has emerged and grown into an international ring of devotees of the WRTC games.

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