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5K0T 5J0DX San Andres Island

5K0T and 5J0DX will be active from San Andres Island, IOTA NA - 033, 16 - 26 September 2022.
5K0T op - LU1FM, 5J0DX - op LU9FHF.
Information received from - José Luis Murano, LU1FM - 5J0B - 5K0T - PJ7T - PR4T.
QSL info:
5K0T via ClubLog OQRS.
5J0DX via ClubLog OQRS.

Previous activity:
LW9EOC will be active from San Andres Island 18 - 25 April 2014 as 5J0T.
He will be active on 80 - 10m CW, SSB.
QSL via home call.

San Andres Island. Author - Dario Fuentes.

5K0T 5J0DX Where is San Andres Island located. Map.

5K0T 5J0DX San Andres Island. Sunrise 10-06-2022 at 11:15 GMT sunset at 23:14 GMT