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E2A Thailand

E2A Team will be active from Thailand in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
They will operate in Multi/Single Category.
QSL via E21EIC direct, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS.
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The Land of Smiles of Southeast Asia

Is there any place on our planet where pleasant vacation and exoticism, unique masterpieces of architecture and fantastic temples, unusual museums and beautiful parks are so successfully combined? Of course, yes! Just go to the peninsula of Indochina, and you will find an amazing state with an unusual shape, resembling the head of an elephant with a rather long trunk. It is in this form that Mother Nature created Thailand, which is called "the country of free people". After all, this territory throughout the history of its existence has not experienced colonial dependence. Washed by the Andaman Sea from the west and the Gulf of Thailand from the east, the land of the Thais has become a true paradise for tourists all over the world.

Thailand. The Siam DX Group E2A QSL.

Kaleidoscope of wonders of the amazing kingdom

Thailand attracts travelers not only by the friendliness of its inhabitants, who get a smile from birth (hence the unspoken name of the country), but also by a lot of curious facts about this amazing country.

The sacred animal of this Southeast Asian state is the white elephant, symbolizing well-being and prosperity.
The ruler of the kingdom is Rama IX, whose name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for an unusually long period of being at the head of the state.
The king (a Buddhist by religion) acts as the patron saint of all religions in the kingdom.
Rama IX tops the list of the richest people in America (an honorable third place).
No major temple in Thailand is without a figure of the Big Buddha. The tallest statue has a height of 500 meters and is located in Phuket.
The state has placed on its territory more than 32 thousand Buddhist temples, where monks live (about 380 thousand).
Thailand is given the palm of superiority in export of rice.
The alphabet of Thais counts 72 letters (besides 8 not included in its composition) and is considered one of the longest in the world.
The country is home to the world's smallest mammal (the pig-nosed bat), which weighs less than a penny coin.
It is home to the world's largest crocodile farm with forty thousand reptiles (Pattaya).
Thailand, which was formerly called Siam, gave the world wonderful animals - Siamese cats. A pair of these pets, given to a bride on her wedding day, symbolizes a successful marriage.
Thais consider the head to be the most important part of the body, believing that this is where the sacred soul is located. In this regard, touching the head of both adults and children is forbidden.
The people of this country pay special reverence to books and documents, which should never be placed on the floor.
The people of this kingdom live by their own calendar, because the birth of Buddha marked the beginning of the calendar.

Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Thailand. Author - Jeremy.

Gifts of the "white elephant" country to tourists

Thailand has gained fame as a year-round tourist center, because the climate of this amazing country allows you to come here to relax at any time of the year. Those wishing to bask on snow-white beaches are offered to visit the islands of the most bizarre shapes, which sheltered in its waters of the Andaman Sea. Not without reason the islands of Thailand are considered the main visiting cards of the kingdom. For example, choosing the island of Koh Chang, the second largest of all Thai island territories, you will simply become speechless for a second under the influence of the beauty of emerald waters, white sand beaches and fabulous jungle. Just 30 kilometers of this indescribable beauty that makes your heart sink! Here tourists are simply mesmerized by the view of waterfalls, where the water falling from the heights plays under the sunlight with different colors.

Those who like exotics and a little extreme impressions are waiting in Bangkok (the main city of Thailand) snake farm. Here you can not only see an unusual performance, the main participants of which are venomous reptiles, but also witness a rather dangerous procedure - getting poison. Going to the elephant village in Pattaya, you will take a unique opportunity to ride on the back of a white elephant. If you have a photo with this sacred animal, you will become a real hero when you return from your trip.

Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Author - Tarek Touma.

A wonderful gift for any tourist will be a visit to the bottle museum (the same Pattaya). Nowhere in the world you will not meet such a thing! More than 300 bottles with interesting miniatures inside simply bring delight. No less amazing is the museum of sea shells, opened in 1997. Among the 2000 exhibits there are very rare specimens: a giant shell that weighs about 250 kg, the world's greatest pearl of 140 carats.

And how about a house built in a very unusual way. Its area is 350 square meters, and it stands upside down. It's a real marvel! You can go to the labyrinth garden of rather decent size, which will surprise you, because the change of directions is done with the help of employees constantly, and you will seem that you have got into a fantastic country.

Having come to Thailand you can see architectural sights of the whole world, in the park Mini-Siam collected copies of monuments not only Thai, but also world architecture.

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