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XU7GNY Cambodia

Thomas, DL7BO will be active as XU7GNY from Cambodia, 1 - 12 May 2024.
He will operate on 160 - 6m, CW, SSB, FT8 with focus on the Low Bands.
QSL via DL4WK, LOTW, ClubLog, eQSL.

XU7GNY 160 and 80m antenna.

The Amazing Kingdom of Cambodia: What to see, what to eat and where to sleep

The Kingdom of Cambodia is an amazing country in the southern part of the Indochina peninsula

From 1967 to 1975 the inhabitants of the state experienced the horrors of civil war. The conflict unfolded between the communist forces and the regime of the ruling monarch. Then, in the 1970s, after the establishment of a pro-American regime, the clash of opposing forces acquired new proportions, as the United States and South Vietnam provided assistance. Now it is one of the most vibrant and interesting countries.

The original culture of the Khmer civilization, the unique attractions and amazing nature of those places attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Previously, there were no separate tours to Cambodia. Travelers could only visit this place as part of excursions to neighboring countries. Now this state has become one of the most important tourist regions.

Until recently, the main attractions were the capital of Phnom Penh, as well as Siem Reap and Angkor. In these cities the main attractions are concentrated, so the main tour program was held here. Now travelers discovered the amazing beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, which belongs to the basin of the South China Sea.

One of the most notable resort areas is Sihanoukville. The resort has unique monuments of ancient civilizations, and hotels meet high international standards. And the main advantage of this place is that it is not yet spoiled by the crowds of tourists from the West.

Cambodia. Author - Adam Cohn.

Climatic conditions and weather

The Khmer state is located in the latitudes of the tropical climate zone. Heat and high humidity levels prevail here. Two main seasons can be distinguished: hot summer with a lot of rain (late April to mid-October) and hot, dry winter (early November to late March). During the summer, the temperature ranges from +26 ... +32 °C. In periods of high humidity levels this figure can increase to +42 ° C.

During the summer weather is characterized by a large amount of precipitation. Most rain falls in July and September. However, there are mostly short, heavy rains in this region.

Cambodia. Author - Myflikr2012.

The crime rate

The situation in the country is extremely unstable. After military conflicts, many residents have weapons left behind. However, representatives of the police stand guard over law and order. Nevertheless, you should not forget about the basic security measures. This will help to minimize possible trouble. It is not advisable to leave the hotel alone at night.

Valuable documents, money and jewelry should be left in a safe place. It is better to keep a copy of identification documents. To move around the country is better to use the services of cab drivers.

Running water should be boiled. Swimming in the coastal zone should be carried out only in designated areas. Although many wild beaches are quite acceptable for swimming, it is better not to take risks.

Cambodia's cultural heritage

Angkor - the center of antiquity of the Khmer kingdom, the most famous cultural monument of Cambodia. The ancient ruins and structures of Angkor cover an area of about 200 square kilometers. The city remains about a hundred palaces and ancient temples.

Siem Reap is the "gateway" to the temples of the city of Angkor. Until 20 years ago, this place was a peaceful corner. But later it began to gather connoisseurs of antiquity and devotees of the holy places.

Phnom Penh - the administrative center. It used to be one of the most beautiful places in colonial France. However, the armed conflicts which engulfed these lands contributed to the destruction of ancient structures. After reconstruction, the city looks more like a modern Western-style settlement. Today Phnom Penh is a metropolis reflecting all the features of modernity.

In the eastern part of the country, where tourists are much rarer, has retained its originality and identity. All tourists are highly recommended to visit Kampong Cham. On the territory of the city are ancient temple buildings, which will interest all lovers of antiquity.

On the territory of the capital are majestic mountain formations. The most famous are Damray, Kravan. Dangrak.

The main natural attraction of Cambodia is the largest lake Tonle Sap.

In some towns you can rent a bicycle or motorcycle to speed up the process of exploring the surrounding area and cover a wider expanse.

Cambodia. Author - Stefan Hajdu.

Cuisine of Cambodia

As in most Asian countries, the main ingredient in most dishes here is rice. It is cooked in any form. It is a basic ingredient in most main dishes and desserts. Moreover, it is used to make vodka, the strength of which reaches 50 degrees.

Rice is often served with meat and vegetables. In coastal cities the food abounds in fish and other products from the depths of the sea. From these ingredients are created numerous masterpieces of local cuisine. Local cuisine reminds Thai cuisine but the dishes are less spicy.

The country's main drinks are samrong (non-alcoholic tincture of the samrong tree), sugar cane and palm tree juices, and coconut milk.

Unusual insect or snake dishes are also available for lovers of exotic cuisine.

Customs Check

The amount of currency will be checked at customs. You are allowed to bring in and take out $10,000. To move with larger amounts, additional local bank documents will be required. It is forbidden to take out national money. You can also carry personal necessities without additional fees.

As in most countries of the world, it is forbidden to bring weapons, drugs, and records containing information that threatens the security or cultural traditions of the state. It is forbidden to take out ancient works of art and items of national patrimony, as well as especially valuable metals and stones.

XU7GNY. Where is Cambodia located. Map.

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