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9L5M Sierra Leone

Shabu Ramakrishan, M0KRI will be active as 9L5M from Sierra Leone, 23 November - 6 December 2023.
He will operate on 80 - 6m Bands, CW, SSB, FT8 and possibly QO-100.
QSL via G3SVK.
Information from Shabu, 9L5M:
Asking for a little bit of help..
A wonderful sponsorship opportunity exists for an upcoming holiday style radio activity from this nice DXCC entity.
Costs [e.g. License fees, Import / Export Tax, Return flights, transfers, excess baggage, accommodation, transfers, taxes, travel insurance, travel visas, QO-100 Equipment etc.] for this very exciting dx adventure are estimated to be in excess of $5000 USD.
Your financial support, therefore, is appreciated so as to ensure activities of this nature continue to be offered by ham radio individuals.
Any help much appreciated.

9L5M Sierra Leone News 25 November 2023

Yesterday, I had a great first sleep in Freetown after being sick during the ferry from Lungi Airport to Freetown.
Spoke to the Airline office this morning, a nice lady asked me to send the copy of the forms I filled up at the airport for retrieving the lost baggage. I sent her information via whatsapp and my local contact number. I politely asked her if she can lookup in their system to see where the bags are - to which she said I canly only trace that via email and no system to lookup. She promised me that she will call me on monday as the next flight arrives on sunday the 26th Nov, but as their office is closed on sunday, I can't get the bags on sunday and it will be on monday when I get a call from her. I looked up on the google map and can see her office is just 4 km away from my lodge which is a greater relief. Should the bags arrive on sunday, I should be able to collect them on Monday afternoon.
So if everything goes fine and I get the bags back, I should be able to setup everything by mid tuesday( 28th Nov) and hit the ground then onwards.
Shabu, M0KRI (9L5M)

Sierra Leone is the little diamond of West Africa

Sierra Leone is a small country located near the Atlantic Ocean. It has an area of about 72 thousand km2. This state is located in the west of the Black Continent. It borders with Liberia as well as Guinea. The main territory is an undulating plain, which is crossed by several rivers. The northern zone of the country is an upland area with mountain ranges. Due to the combination of rivers, plains and mountains, the nature of Sierra Leone is unusually picturesque.

It has been an independent state since 1961. Today it is governed by a President.

Sierra Leone. Author - sylvain74160.

Colonisation, blood and war - the history of Sierra Leone

The country owes its name to the Portuguese, who discovered it in 1462. According to legend, a sailor on watch shouted just that when he saw an unfamiliar shore in the distance. But the first colonisers of this territory were the English. They came here a couple of centuries later, building their first fortress on the coast in 1662. When slavery was abolished, many former slaves came to this state. They founded a settlement in 1787 and named it Freetown. Now it is a large city, which is the capital of Sierra Leone.

In 1808, the entire coastal area officially became a British colony. After that, the Britons continued to expand inland. In 1896 the state became a protectorate of the British crown. But Sierra Leone was constantly shaken by riots. All the indigenous population, Creoles and former slaves were against the British.

Already in 1898 a rebellion broke out near the town of Porto Loko. The Creoles living there did not want to pay taxes. They fought desperately with the British army, but were defeated.

In 1961, the country declared independence. But the period of colonisation was replaced by a series of civil wars and constant coups. Different parties alternately seized power in Sierra Leone. To stop this incessant bloodshed, the next political force to form a government even resorted to the support of the Guinean army, which had been restoring order for two years.

It was only in 1978 that the country adopted a new version of the Constitution, which enshrined a one-party system.

In the early 1990s, a new extremist organisation, the RUF, emerged in Sierra Leone. It was characterised by unbelievable brutality towards opponents supporting the incumbent government. The battles reached such a scale and fierceness that peacekeeping units were deployed to repel the attacks of the rebels. This war continued until 2000. Then the government and the rebels found a compromise and shared power in the country.

Sierra Leone. Author - Maria.

Climate, flora, fauna and other features of the country

The sub-equatorial climate prevailing in the country is due to its location. Sierra Leone is located in the equatorial zone. It is always humid and hot. In winter comes a relatively dry season. It lasts from November to April. In Freetown and on coastal strip annual temperature varies from 29 to 24 °С. Inland, it ranges from 31 to 24 °C.

The most common plant types are tall grasses growing in the savannahs, baobabs and various shrubs. Only about 5 per cent of the state's territory is occupied by humid tropical jungles. The animal world is represented by a variety of animals and birds. There are leopards, zebras, various kinds of monkeys, crocodiles, snakes, antelopes, buffaloes, lizards, wild boars and other species. Scorpions can be found in almost the entire area, except in the cities, as well as malarial mosquitoes, swamp dragonflies and unusually colourful varieties of butterflies. Sharks swim in the coastal waters.

If we talk about the population, 98 per cent are local tribes belonging to the Niger-Congo ethnic group. Also in the state live whites (mainly Englishmen) and Creoles. The official language is English.

Sierra Leone is territorially divided into three provinces and a separate province, which consists of Freetown and neighbouring territories.

The state is agrarian. The main agricultural crops are oil palm and coffee. Also the mining industry is very developed in the country. Bauxite, gold, diamonds and other minerals are extracted. It is these industrial spheres that form the basis of exports.

Sierra Leone. Author - Alex Quennell.

Unforgettable sights of Sierra Leone

The country has many attractions of interest to tourists. These are reserves, where you can find exotic flora and unusual animals. There are many plants, birds, butterflies that can not be seen in other places.

In Kambui Hills lives about two hundred species of birds. The Mayosso Reserve is home to an endangered breed of crocodiles. In Gola Park, which has the status of a national park, more than half a thousand varieties of butterflies, three hundred types of birds and animals (elephants, monkeys and even pygmy hippos) are preserved from extinction.

A large number of unusual exhibits from the ancient culture of nationalities and different periods of the country are available in the National Museum, which is visited by visitors from all over the world.

Freetown is of particular interest to foreigners. It is one of the oldest cities located in the west of Africa. The capital of the state was founded in 1787 as a settlement designed for the life of freed slaves. There are many three and two-storey houses here, designed in the spirit of nineteenth-century English architecture.

Overseas visitors can check out Fourah Bay. This university college is one of the most striking sights of the city. Also a huge number of tourists are attracted by the President's Palace. It resembles a large ship that sails over the hills.

You can also take a look at the temples. There are more than 70 of them in the city, and each building is unique in its own way. The cathedral, created in 1828, is particularly beautiful. It is dedicated to St George and is built in a lush Victorian style of red brick. Foreigners are impressed by the botanical garden, which has many exotic and unusual plants. There is also a monument in the city called "King's Gate". It is dedicated to the liberation from slavery. The monument is decorated with a plaque, with the inscription that every person who passed this gate becomes free.

A large number of tourists visit the capital museum, dedicated to the creation of the railway in this state. Here you can see rare photos and other interesting exhibits.

In addition, in the vicinity of the city there are a large number of beautiful beaches, where you can spend a wonderful time. Tourists are offered catamaran rides, various boats, fun rides and many other entertainments. Fans of evening recreation can also find a suitable nightclub to spend time.

Very popular with tourists is the coastal zone of the Atlantic Ocean and the islands located near it. Many of them visit Bunce. This island is famous for an old fortress made of stone, which several centuries ago was a prison where slaves were kept.

Sierra Leone also has a large number of other attractions that will delight every foreign visitor.

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