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Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe

DL7BO and DJ6TF will be active as Z22O and Z21A from Zimbabwe, 3 - 20 February 2022.
He will operate on 160 - 10m, CW, SSB, FT8, FT4.
QSL via DJ6TF for Ukraine via UY5ZZ, LOTW.
QTH - Harare, Zimbabwe.
They will use 2 ICOM IC - 7300 transceivers and 1kw amplifier.
18m GP for Low Bands.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 19 February 2022

29000 QSOs in LOG. They will QRT today at 12.00 UTC.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 17 February 2022

26000 QSOs in LOG. Today DL7BO made some contacts using QO - 100 satellite.
Tmw they going to pass COVID tests. They will QRT Sunday 20 February 2022.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 12 February 2022

Over 16000 QSOs in the log.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 9 February 2022

Z22O Z21A. License for 60m operation received. Vertical antenna ready. They will start activity on 60m today.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 8 February 2022

11000 QSOs in the log. They try 160m but propagation was not best anyway they made over 100 QSO.
80m quite noisy.
They receiving lot of emails and sorry that they cant answer them.
About busted call you can contact them after DX Pedition.
Team members reading comments on this site and you can leave comment to take their attention.

Z22O Z21A Zimbabwe News 6 February 2022

Z22O Z21A start activity from Zimbabwe.
5 February 2022 more then 3000 QSOs in the log.
Internet is not very good there.

Zimbabwe. Author - Brendon O'Neill.

Zimbabwe. Author - Ulrika.

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe. Author - Michel Jean Louis David.

Z22O Z21A. Where is Zimbabwe located. Map.

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