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Giorgio, YI9/IU9HWS will be active from Iraq until December 2020.
Before he use YI/IU5HWS and YI9WS calls
Giorgio, YI/IU5HWS will be active from Iraq starting 30 July - 30 November 2020.
He is planning to operate on 40, 20, 10m.
QSL direct to:
Giorgio Toma, Via Settembrini N°5, Livorno, IT 57128, Italy.
Giorgio, IU5HWS receive new call YI9WS.

Iraq. Author - Hamed Yahyazade.

Iraq. Author - Kamil Fibak.

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. Author - Sarhang Hariri.

YI/IU5HWS. Where is Iraq located. Map.

YI9/IU5HWS Iraq. Sunrise 06-20-2021 at 01:54 GMT sunset at 16:18 GMT