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VP6D Ducie Island

VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DX-pedition (OC-182)

VP6D Ducie Island. Radio Amateurs members of the PDXG DX Group will be active as VP6D from Ducie Island, IOTA OC - 182, 20 October - 3 November 2018
Team - Dave K3EL, Pista HA5AO, Les W2LK, Heye DJ9RR, Mike WA6O, Jacky ZL3CW, Arnie N6HC, Steve W1SRD, Chris N6WM, Laci HA0NAR, Ricardo PY2PT, Walt N6XG, Gene K5GS, Vadym, UT6UD, Ken, NG2H, Rob N7QT.
They will operate on 160 - 6m CW, SSB, Digital modes, including FT8, EME.
DX Pedition frequencies

We will transmit on the QRGs ± QRM, as follows,

1826.5, 3523, 7010, 10105, 18069, 21023, 28023.
7090, 14185, 18130, 21285, 24955, 28485.

7045, 10142, 14080, 18100, 21080, 24910, 28080.

We are working SPLIT only! Please pay attention to the SPLIT MODE!
CW : UP 2-10
SSB : UP 5-15
RTTY : UP 2-10

We will listen for US Generals (only) on 14.280 and UP
We will listen for JA stations DOWN 2-3 kHz on 160 m.

They trying to get permit for 60m also.
Chief pilot - Glenn, KE4KY.
Pilots - V51B Africa, 4L5A Asia/Russian Speaking countries, HA8RT Europe, JA1WSX Japan, VK3HJ Oceania, PY2PT South America.

VP6D Ducie Island News

VP6D. DX Pedition Ducie Island. Logo.

VP6D. Where is Ducie Island located. Map.

VP6D Ducie Island. Sunrise 04-14-2024 at 14:32 GMT sunset at 02:05 GMT