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VP2MDX Montserrat Island

Tjaore. W2APF will be active as VP2MDX from Montserrat Island, IOTA NA - 103, 11 January - 11 April 2024.
He will operate on 80 - 10m, CW, SSB.
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THAIRE BRYANT, 441 Stewart Road, PO BOX 68, EATON CENTER, NH 03832, USA.

Montserrat Island

An adventure in the island of Montserrat

Before the catalyst eruption in 1995, Montserrat was considered as a paradise that once produced recording studio that later recorded Beatles, Eric Clapton and Sting.

After a series of ashes fell with the muds, the area was devastated and buried by the materials – including its capital city, Playmouth. The people were evacuated out to Britain. Today, travellers can witness the breathtaking destruction as part of the tourism destinations here in Montserrat.

Dated back the timeline before the dormant, Montserrat island is a part of the Caribbean islands precisely at Leeward island. Montserrat got its name from the Emerald Isle of Caribbean that resembled the Irish ancestry. The volcano hills at the south part of Montserrat was active in 1995 – causing the destruction of Plymouth – its capital city along with other docking facilities and airport.

The zone expands from south coast to north right in Belham Valley. The visitors are strictly forbid to enter the zone. If they want to see the view, they can see it from Garibaldi Hill – the safe zone that visitors would normally go to when they visit Montserrat island. The volcano eruption in 1995 and 2010 apparently will not be the last ones. This is why Montserrat Volcano Observatory monitors the activity. Due to the massive damages, a new area has been established right at the Little Bay. It is situated at the north west of the island’s coast line. The construction and infrastructure have been built by the Government.

Geography and demographics

This pretty island is situated with 16 km of length and 11 km of width. It was due to the volcanic eruption that the size of the island is increasing. The rock cliffs can be seen rising up above up to 100 feet above the sea level. There are also sandy beaches that are part of the Caribbean coasts.

With a small population of less than 6,000 people, the not so dense island is becoming quiet because the refugees to British countries were up to 8,000 back then – leaving the mountainous area behind. The Montserrat residents are named Montserratians. There are a mix of ethnicity that inhabit this island from Black, Creole, to white and dual heritage. Most of the people are British and Africans. The descendant from African and Ireland have bought a unique culture and history values. There is no certain history that tells about the slavery.


Montserrat is closely related to music and art. Many albums were recorded here in Montserrat and some of the biggest artists to record their albums were Duran-Duran, The Police and The Beatles. The AIR studio experienced a massive damage and it was no longer available.


Montserrat owns some of the rarest species in both worlds - flora and fauna. Collaborating with the Royal Botanical Garden, there are many places of conservations in the area. These conservations have been rescuing endangered plants including rare orchids. Like other countries, there are lots of endangered species in this country as well.

There are numbers of endangered species like mountain Chicken and Giant Ditch Frog. The numbers are declined due to an epidemic disease after the eruption a few years ago. Wildlife experts and organizations have been effortlessly working to conserve these animals and help save the species. Many zoological garden in Britain also support the acts with partnerships and some programs dedicated to increase the numbers of these endangered animals.

Montserrat also preserves ecology as the coral reefs are skirted along the coastline. There are cave house that are the homes of endangered bat species. These animals are said to almost extinct.


Montserrat is considered as a half paradise. The eruption apparently makes a beautiful scenery and an extensive mountainous view that everybody would love to witness.

Montserrat island has been visited by travellers from around the world who want to hike, scubadive or simply witness the sulphuric fume that comes right from the volcanic mountain. There are plenty of trails for hikers and choices of beach for those who prefer to get tanned or snorkel the area.

  • Hiking

With the mountainous areas, Montserrat can be explored on foot. There are many trackers who have explored the island, and the most popular route taken is the cot trail and silver hills. Through these tracks, you can see the oldest volcanic sites and also breathtaking views of nature formed by eruption. Travellers can also visit the Montserrat Volcano Observatory and watch how dedicated team of scientists always monitor the volcano activity. The visitors are allowed to enter the observatory on particular days, Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Soufriere Hill

The fascinating destruction result by the volcano in the hill can be widely seen. The region is still an active volcano that strictly monitored by the Observatory. It can be both, beautiful and terrifying too. For other visit on the hills, you can also enjoy the Montserrat island tours.

  • Oriole Walkway trail

This is one of the amazing trails that tourists love to hike. The jungle is less crowded with steep roads, butterflies and excellent sound of nature along the way.

  • Scuba diving

With its almost virgin sea, Montserrat is also famous for its scuba diving spot. Many divers have great experience in the clear blue water.

  • Redezvous beach

It is one of the prettiest beach you can find in Montserrat. The path is a little remote so it is almost like a gem in a rural area but it is worth the hike. The white beach with a glitter of sunlight is heaven for the snorkelers too.

  • Jack boy hill facility

This facility will give you perfect scenery of the volcano from the deck. It is a long drive way but it is worth the trip. You will witness the sulphuric fumes that rises from the mountain. Along with the greeneries – this makes a beautiful set of panorama. The remote area is located a little bit distant from the center of the city.

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