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VK0AI Casey Station

Norbert, VK5MQ is currently active as VK0AI from Casey Station, Antarctica.
He planning to be active during 2023/2024 Antarctic season.

Previous activity:
Norbert, VK5MQ will be active as VK0AI, from Macquarie Island, IOTA AN - 005, with next winter team, for one year.
He will use Icom IC - 7000 transceiver and vertical antenna.
Ads for direct QSL:
NE TRUPP, PO BOX 1359, MOUNT GAMBIER, SA, 5290, Australia.

ANARE Station, Macquarie Island. VK0AI QSL Card.

Information from VK0AI 12 October 2019.

Norbert is on Macquarie Island AAD sub-Antarctic research station until March 2019. He has an IC-7300 and will be working mainly digital modes.
All contacts on FT8 are at TX power of 5W.
So far the antenna wire has broken 4 times and the antenna support twice due to strong winds.
Limited operating times.
QSL via eQSL, LoTW, via Bureau or direct to VK5MQ.

Penguins, Macquarie Island. Author - dieter_k.

Sandy Bay, Macquarie Island. Author - Peter Hodge.

Sleeping, Elephant seal, Macquarie Island. Author - Jenny Thynne.

VK0AI. Where is Macquarie Island located. Map.

VK0AI Casey Station. Sunrise 04-14-2024 at 20:11 GMT sunset at 06:38 GMT