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TO7PX Reunion Island

Giovanni, IZ2DPX will be active as TO7PX from Reunion Island, IOTA AF - 016, 8 - 18 July 2024.
He will operate on 40 - 6m, SSB, FT8.
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Reunion Island - a small France in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Réunion is an island located in the Indian Ocean and the namesake overseas department of France. Reunion's closest neighbor is Madagascar, 700 km to the west. The largest city and capital is Saint-Denis, where all the main administrative facilities of the French department are concentrated.

The main distinguishing feature of Reunion lies in the marvelous nature that strikes the imagination: the island is covered with picturesque tropical forests, which are replaced by savannahs and majestic extinct and active volcanoes, and the coastline is outlined by azure waters of the ocean. The island is an amazing combination of exotic romance and French chic. Here you can fully enjoy exquisite French cuisine while admiring the splendor of the surrounding nature.

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History of Reunion Island

The territory received its name in 1793, immediately after the overthrow of the French monarchy, but the island had been in French possession long before the proclamation of the Republic. The island was originally called Mascarene and was uninhabited until the Middle Ages. Until the 17th century, the island was visited only by single trading ships of Arabs and Malays, as well as European expeditions. The reason for such a reluctant visit to the island was its inconvenient geographical position. For some time the island was a place of exile for rebels from neighboring Madagascar, however, the exiles perceived the punishment more as a trip to the resort.

In the possession of France, the island passed in 1642 and a few years later at the request of Louis the 13th was named Bourbon, in honor of the royal family. In the 17th and 18th centuries coffee, sugar cane, cotton, vanilla and various spices were grown on the island. Black slaves from the African continent were brought in to cultivate the land.

Since 1946 Reunion Island officially became an overseas department of France with all the consequences: the official currency is Euro, the official language is French, a Schengen visa is required to visit the island, etc..

Reunion Island. Author - Abdel R.

Geography and climate of Reunion

The island has an area of 2,512 square kilometers, with a coastline of 207 kilometers. Reunion is of volcanic origin, with the highest point, the Piton de Neige volcano, rising 3069 meters above sea level. Most of the volcanoes on this small piece of land have long been extinct, but one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, Piton de Fournaise, whose height is 2,631 meters, slumbers in the southeastern part. The abundance of volcanoes has shaped the topography of the island, where lava fields make up about a fifth of the territory. The mountainous part of the island is full of swift rivers and noisy waterfalls, which gives the views a special charm and fairytale-like appearance.

Reunion has a tropical maritime climate with characteristic hot weather, but the level of humidity and rainfall is noticeably lower than in Madagascar. Humidity varies depending on the part of the island. Thus, the maximum indicator is observed in the mountainous region in the northeast of the island, while the flat west coast is characterized by relatively dry weather.

The seasons are diametrically different from the European seasons due to the location in the southern part from the equator. That is why tourists from Europe like to vacation here from November to April, when the cold winter reigns at home.

Population of Réunion

According to the 2011 census, the population is just over 800,000. The ethnic composition of the local residents is quite diverse: more than half of the population are Creoles, about a quarter are white French, about 20% are Indians, and the rest are natives of Asian countries.

Almost 90% of the inhabitants of Reunion profess Catholicism, there are also Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Rastafarians and representatives of other religions.

In addition to the official French language, in which all business and school work is conducted, Creole with a French base is widely spoken in everyday life.

Reunion Island. Author - Nicolas Lantoing.

Entertainment on Reunion

All kinds of entertainment on the island of Reunion, in one way or another, are connected with the local nature. Notable beach recreation on the island, especially interesting are the so-called black beaches with sand of characteristic dark color, having volcanic origin.

All the most popular beaches are concentrated in the western part of the island, which is considered safe. The fact is that only the west coast is limited by underwater thickets of coral reefs, which block the way to marine predators and high ocean waves. In other parts of the island, local authorities do not recommend swimming even if the beach is convenient for this purpose. Numerous cases have been recorded when daredevils became victims of sharks or died under the high waves.

The island has all the conditions for lovers of tourist trekking, which is only worth an organized climb to the top of the above-mentioned volcano Piton dela Fournaise, which is rightly considered the main calling card of the country. If you are not a fan of mountain climbing and do not have enough physical fitness for it - no problem, because you can always enjoy the majestic views by flying to the top by helicopter.

Among the places worth admiring is the grandiose National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the park area you can observe the rarest species of birds. For example, there are more than 30 species of parrots alone.

The underwater world of Reunion's coastal waters is no less interesting than the terrestrial world. Divers from all over the world, both beginners and professionals, come here every year. Windsurfing, the center of which is concentrated near the commune of l'Etan-Sale in the northwestern part of the island, is widespread among extreme entertainment.

Sights of Reunion

First of all, the capital of the island, Saint-Denis, surrounded on three sides by mountains, is a must-see. The city has preserved many buildings of the colonial period, which creates a special romantic atmosphere. The old building of the Prefecture, erected in 1735, which once housed the headquarters of the Indian Campaign, attracts attention. The Town Hall and the Monuments au Mortes monument-stela are also a must-see. On the island peacefully neighboring temples of different religions, many of which serve as a real decoration of the cities, forming a unique local flavor.

While vacationing in Saint-Denis, be sure to visit the Brancho district, which is ideal for leisurely strolls. Numerous cafes and restaurants are open for guests on cozy streets. And in the souvenir shops you can buy original products of local craftsmen.

Not far from Brancio is a huge Botanical Garden, where more than 50 thousand plants collected from all over the world are represented. An integral part of the Botanical Garden is the Museum of Natural History with a unique exposition including rare species of coral, sea shells and other representatives of exotic flora and fauna of the region.

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