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TO3Z FG/F6HMQ FG/F6GWV Guadeloupe

FG/F6HMQ and FG/F6GWV will be active as TO3Z from Guadeloupe, IOTA NA - 102, 21 February - 8 March 2020.
They will also use their own calls
They will operate on HF Bands, including activity in ARRL DX SSB Contest.
QSL via F6HMQ.
Previous activity:
Gildas, F6HMQ will be active as TO1T from Guadeloupe, IOTA NA - 102, 14 - 25 June 2019.
He will also use as FG/F6HMQ.
He will operate on HF Bands.
QSL via F6HMQ.
Ads for direct QSL:
Gildas Le Cloitre, 6 Allee du Petit Chene, 77380 Combs-La-Ville, France.

Guadeloupe. Author - Helene Baudart.

TO3Z. Where is Guadeloupe located. Map.

TO3Z FG/F6HMQ FG/F6GWV Guadeloupe. Sunrise 04-15-2021 at 09:50 GMT sunset at 22:22 GMT