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T33T Banaba Island Ocean Island

T33T Team will be active from Banaba Island, IOTA OC - 018, 5 - 26 November 2022.
Team - Members of Rebel DX Group.
They will operate on 160 - 10m, CW, SSB, FT8 with focus FT8.
QSL via ClubLog OQRS, LOTW.
DXCC Country - Banaba (Ocean) Island, T33.
T33T Band Plan:

160m 1822 – 1840

80m 3502 3785 3567

40m 7002 7090 7056

30m 10106 – 10131

20m 14002 14190 14090

17m 18072 18140 18095

15m 21002 21200 21091

12m 24892 24940 24911

10m 28002 28440 28091

6m 50105 50140 –
All Qso's will be confirmed by 4 page's QSL card and LOTW.

T33T Banaba Island News 29 January 2023

T33T qsl card project went out for printing.

Cards for 3D2RRR. 3D2CR. 3D2AJT, T33T, 3D2USU, E51DOM/MM will be send out soon.

T33T Banaba Island News 17 December 2022

Russian folks

I gave you already so many chances to stop playing this paypal Charge back (oqrs via clublog) game .

Some of you just started again.


I never loose becouse I either win or learn.

In this case NO MORE LOTW to Russian stations for another 12 months.

This time the charge back game star is R3OK

He asked his friend to make a payment. As soon as lotw was sent...they made unauthorized transaction and charge back request. Funny boy

T33T Banaba Island News 1 December 2022

LoTW uploaded to those who applied for confirmation via Clublog. That is the only way to get LoTW.

T33T Banaba Island News 26 November 2022

93.731 Digital qso's from Banaba. (FT8 & FT4)
Total of 97.193 QSO'S
158 DXCC's worked from Banaba
3745 ATNO's for guys around the world
5 CW contacts 😂... strange that only 5 guys ask if we can do quick 5NN 🤣
We are still at the Banaba but out of fuel for the generators.. We are waiting for our vessel to pick us up. We will concentrate now on humanitarian project called.
"" Hams for Banaba kids ""
We will continue what SK. Zorro started years ago.
Information will be send to public after we back home to Europe.
There is a lot of simple things to do for those kids.
It will cost us almost nothing to make them happy. We joined kindergarten graduation yesterday. Here is some pictures. Even on extremely remote place like Banaba, kids having graduation party. More pictures and movies soon

T33T Banaba Island News 25 November 2022

The T33T team have run out of diesel fuel and are now QRT. They are now waiting for their boat back to Tarawa. They will try to upload the final QSOs to Club Log, later today.

T33T Banaba Island News 24 November 2022

Little important update.
During time synchro for FT8 i did some mistake. On of the laptop had 1 day(24h exactly) delay on the clock. LOL
If you try to match your qso's and you can't, please use date 1 day earlier for some of your qsos
I'm sorry for that.

T33T Banaba Island News 23 November 2022

We can explain now the plans we had for Banaba T33T part 1
Main target was to test and make as much digital qso's we can. This plan is done. We can now announce that T33T part 2 will be for SSB and CW only. More info soon

T33T Banaba Island News 22 November 2022

Some numbers for our biggest fans (N1UR, K1VSK from eham forum)

Just last 4 activities by Rebel clowns.

So far 375.801 qso's and growing

We gave " ATNO " DXCC to 15.476 hams around the world and this number is growing

Worked 259 countries from our last 4 expeditions, Hope this will grow too. All expeditions are valid for DXCC

Now we are waiting for your numbers.?!? Where are they?

What both of you added to ham radio comunity exept sending emails to ARRL asking them to do not count our expeditions for DXCC. Yes I do have friends there too, Suprised why I know??

This is last message for you 2.

For us, Rebels, both of you are just simple QRP.

People, please jump to eham forum now and look at dxing subforum.

You will find a lot of crap after my post. Give them some love. They need a lot of attention.

Every single topic regarding Rebels activities (search by callsigns) had to be closed by moderators in past becouse of them and aggressive comments . What a funny trolls.

going back to my shift to press enable TX for last 3 days.

T33T Banaba Island News 21 November 2022

From last 3 days we have a new Ham operating on ANZA net 14.183.
KAAM is a local Banaba resident and emergency communication officer
He operating under our second calling T33KC. His new callsign will be delivered soon from Kiribati telecom CCK for him as T33KK
We set 2 towers and 2 antennas antennas for him for 20m
and 40m.
He will be every day on 14.183 during the Anza net and monitoring 7.163 at the local, Banaba evening time.
Please spell your calling slowly for him. He is using Barett radio so he can't check S signal raport, he will use 5/9 Kaam and his wife are very helpful here. Helping our small team as much they can.

T33T Banaba Island 21 November 2022

T33T Banaba Island News 20 November 2022

Folks our digi target is done. That is another world best score made by Rebels. This time for total digi qso's.
There are some crying pussies like N1UR who just won "clown of the year" award.
I'm asking you Mr Ed or whatever your name is.. Why don't you get your fat ass here to Banaba? You will die here after 3 days brave man. 😂 We love Boyz like you, masturbating on eham forum. You never done anything in your life for radio amateurs but you keep trying to tell others what and how to do things?!?! Calling us names and shit in public? Who give you rights to talk rubbish about others? Just becouse we focus on our target not on yours? Becouse you are CW guy means you are better than others? That is fucken funny.
.. I have no idea if covid eate your brain completely or you just want to show on eham how smart you are?!
For overal information
We don't give a shit what you think about FT8, FT4,FT 55, FT100 OR SSTV.
We do our project on our way.
Plan for Banaba was to make highest digital qso's during expedition period of time.
If you don't like it- don't call.
If you know how to do it better, just do it. Don't talk trash.
If you want to work cw - send cw operator there with us next time. Spend your money and do it.
Is that fucken simple..
T33T Banaba Island 20 November 2022.

T33T Banaba Island News 19 November 2022

Please relax. There is many SSB contacts not uploaded yet to clublog.
We will try tomorrow
We just jump to 60m 1h ago. For another 3 days More info soon,

T33T Banaba Island. 19 November 2022.

T33T Banaba Island News 17 November 2022

There is another 25.000 qso's to upload to the clublog. Don't push us for the log online, as we doing what we can. There is only 2 operators. To upload this stupid log takes about 45 to 50 min from Banaba. THERE IS NO INTERNET on the island as you think. There is no water on island, there is no gardening on the island, there is thousands of tons of azbest everywhere. There are 294 residents, completely forgoten by rest of the world, even by their own country. Banaba island was rape by British and Australians....and left behind with all the mining trash around. I know that most of you don't care and chasing just for fucken qso's, but do you wish your kids stay in kindergarten like that from the picture? Kids playing with 10cm wooden sticks on the empty floor. More non radio stories and pictures when we back home.

T33T Banaba Island. 17 November 2022.

T33T Banaba Island News 13 November 2022 part 2

Finally part of the log for first 6 days is on clublog.
We will try to send again soon.

T33T Banaba Island News 13 November 2022

So far no luck with log uploading.
After 3h of trying almost all data plan is gone.
We will try to use local gov. Internet acces via satellite but looks like is even slower than our Bgan terminal.
No other possibility here.
We can text and publish posts but no way to send pictures, files or even RAR or Zip file,
We will try one more time about 2-3am local time.

T33T Banaba Island News 12 November part 2

57.000 qso's. 2 more weeks to go.

60 and 160 tomorrow. Last 3 days wind was blowing as hell. Up to 30 knots. First rain this morning on Banaba (from last 40 days) about 3 min rain... Banaba is very short of drinking water. Water maker on the island has no filter change for more than year.. There is a lot to do for local kids.

We will update some more info soon.

This night we will try upload the log from last 6 days

T33T Banaba Island News 12 November 2022

1 week done
57.000 qso's. 2 more weeks to go.
60 and 160 tomorrow. Last 3 days wind was blowing as hell. Up to 30 knots. First rain this morning on Banaba (from last 40 days) about 3 min rain... Banaba is very short of drinking water. Water maker on the island has no filter change for more than year.. There is a lot to do for local kids.
We will update some more info soon.
This night we will try upload the log from last 6 days

T33T Banaba Island News 10 November 2022 Part 2

1. There is only 2 of us operating 20h a day
2. There is 40 deg C all day long
3. This is not " fly in" destination and we are not staying at nice A/C hotel room like most current expeditions
We are Sleeping on floor, Kiribas way. Just little roof over the head. No walls, no fresh water, no restaurant as many may think.
4.Banaba is extremely hard place to stay even for us.
5. We are doing our best to be active as much we can.
6. We will start using FT4 more often. Please check FT4 freq regularly.
7. More and more SSB from now.
CW possible if you really need it.
8. We pay for our expedition trips from our own money with no support from dx clubs or foundations.. Don't even fucken try mixing that with OQRS for qsl cards and LoTW. Some of funny operators don't understand donation up front to make trip happen and paying for qsl card.
9. Internet here is extremely slow over satellite. If someone want to come with 1500usd data plan for Bgan terminal I will be more than happy to upload the log.

T33T Banaba Island News 10 November 2022

Today we just started using power and antennas facing to Eu LP. Some. Wild signals came here +40 to 50dB. We having some fun reading those funny comments around t33t made by guys who never even went out of the room with radio.
We have our own targets here and I'm sure they are way different than yours. We doing things our way, paying our money for that and this is why you calling us idiots.?! 🤣😂 So far those idiots hold some world best scores for qso's /day/ operator, unique /operator, most digi qso's, single man qso's and some others.
Simply check on German DX Fundation web page, Mega expedition scores.
If you don't like what we doing just simply get your ass up here and do it your own expedition on your own way

T33T Banaba Island News 9 November 2022

43000 no brain QSO'S,
We slowly start touching the microphone with about 1000 qso's. Is not easy with 2 operators.
There is a chance we will have to stay on Banaba little longer due the vessel schedules maybe till Nov. 24th
International Remore users you can have some fun.... Till we publish the log. You will not find your self there, so now is your time 😂.
60m and 160m will be active in 3 days.
73s T33T Banaba Island.

T33T Banaba Island News 8 November 2022

RR73... We are sending you RR73 any time when qso is done. We are sending this to 5,6,7,8 or even 10 stations at the same time. You may not see it becouse of low signal but you are in the log.
We are running Non conventional ideas which allows us to answer 10 stations at the same time and work on 1 band but 2 different freq (ex 14.074 and 14.091) Unfortunately on FH frequencies there is almost nobody for hours, so we avoid to use it now with this massive trafic from JA.
I hope this will help with your '' missing RR73 ''

T33T Banaba Island Team.

T33T Banaba Island News 7 November 2022 Part II


Just over 30.000 no brain qsos in less than 3 days, using small part of the brain to make this happen

There is no internet on Banaba Island as you wish.

Logs and pictures will be send when we back to Tarawa.

We will continue using 40W on each band till we unload the JA trafic for the next 2 days. There are wild signals coming on ssb 9 +60db.
T33T Banaba Island DX Pedition Team.

T33T Banaba Island News 7 November 2022

Let me make this very clear.
23000 qso's in 41h operating.
So if I see your idiotic comment about what we doing you here, FH on std freq. Or no RR73... You will need to wait for another expedition to Banaba.
If you don't understand that we have to work some part of the world who is 9 +60db in Banaba you need to open the window and get some fresh air.
We using low power to work JA and West coast first for another 2 - 3 days.
T33T Team.

T33T Banaba Island News 6 November 2022

On air from Last 14h
8000 qso's so far. Half of antenna field done.
Today more antenna work and by the evening local time we should run 8 stations
Camp is set on the hill top (football field) as Banaba house gone.
38 deg. C at 7am

T33T Banaba Island News 5 November 2022

T33T Banaba Island DX Pedition start activity. They already active on several bands.

T33T Banaba Island News 1 November 2022

T33T activity
Some important points:
1. We will operate WSJT-x soft 2.5 ver.
2. We always send 73' but only 3 times, after 3rd time we are moving to CQ call and you have to try again.
3. We will operate FT8 as FOX ONLY On standard freq most of the time but don't be surprised if you see our 2 signals on the same band but different freq.(for example 14.074 and 14.090 or 18.100 and 18.095 and so on ) but we will always TX as FOX.
( Info for our mental illness fans...YES ! we will log our own callsign sent by you, so no worry, you will be in the log as anonymous)
LoTW will be upload same day you request on Clublog.
QSL cards will be send out together with 3d2cr, 3d2usu,3d2dom,3d2rrr cards when we back home to Europe.
Please be patient ! You will get your cards.

Banaba Island. Author - Ricardo Rodrigues.

T33T. Where is Banaba Island located. Map.

T33T Banaba Island Ocean Island. Sunrise 04-14-2024 at 18:38 GMT sunset at 06:46 GMT