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T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands

T31TT Team will be active from Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands, IOTA OC - 043, starting 1 - 12 June 2023.
Team - Rebel DX Group.
They will be active 9 - 10 Days.
DXCC Country - Central Kiribati, T31.
Previous activity:
T31T. Dom, 3Z9DX with SP3DOI and SP7VC will be active from Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands, IOTA OC - 043, starting 4 October 2016 as T31T.
They all members of Rebel DX Group.
They planning to operate on 160 - 10m.
They will use Icom 7300 transceivers with amplifiers.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands Central Kiribati News 9 June 2023

Due to accident yesterday, twisted ankle, bad one with dislocation (vessel crew member) we have to finish activity and go back to Apia, Samoa ASAP.

Logs will be update soon


T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands Central Kiribati 3 June 2023

FT8 - some called non brain qso's machine maker.

Well.. From what we can see on the comments, people are pushed by Rebels to use brain (and muscle system) regarding QSO'S with T31TT activity.

1000s emails, questions, so many keyboard damaged, laptop screens, power supply cables cuts.. It's so much fun . No 73 no 73 why no 73. What they using?!

We don't see RR73! They said

Well have fun,

And your missing RR73 is here

T31TT Team.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands Central Kiribati News 2 June 2023

For ops who keep asking why we not on FH frequencies?!?!?!

Answer is on the picture

2 stations running on 15m for about 2h same time

21.074 and 21. 091
T31TT Team

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands Central Kiribati News 1 June 2023

First logs on clublog.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 30 May 2023

The T31TT team arrived at Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands, Central Kiribati.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 27 May 2023

Team on the way to Kanton from Apia, Samoa
T31TT Team.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 25 May 2023 Part 2

Welcome to Samoa for 2 days
Team just arrived

T31TT Team.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 25 May 2023


We received some questions about T31TT activity.

For the team to rich central Kiribas (Kanton island) take about 7 to 8 days by motor yacht Sheer Delight. From Fiji to Samoa about 700Nm

Than from Samoa to Kanton another 700Nm.

They will stop in Samoa for refueling the vessel and meeting regarding another rare DXCC. Close to Samoa

Team will be on Kanton for about 12 to 14 days.

After Kanton they will fly to Europe for 2 weeks to sorted out over 200.000 qsl cards.

Another activity T22T Tuvalu. and another one beofre main event by end of the year if we are lucky

So far team is about 80miles away from Samoa

Rebel Team T31TT Team

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News

We are on air as E51DOM /mm during the travel time to 5W and T31
14.183 ssb
14.002 cw
T31TT Team.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 18 May 2023

T31TT activity is already approved by ARRL
LoTW certificate in progress
T31TT Team.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands 11 May 2023



Kanton Island activity
from 6m to 160m
There will be very limited internet connection.

We will not read your cluster request, cluster nonses or cluster band change bagging .1 CW, 1 SSB, 7 FT8 Stations

Some important points:

1. We will operate WSJT-x soft only !
2. We always send 73' but only 3 times, after 3rd time we are moving to CQ call and you have to try again.

3. We will operate FT8 as FOX &HUND @ NORMAL MODE on standart freq.

Don't be surprised if you see our 2 signals same time on the same band but different freq.(for example 14.074 and 14.090 or 18.100 and 18.095 and so on )

If there is a low trafic on F/H freq. we will move to FT8 standart freq. and use Fox mode.


1822 – 1840
80m 3502 3785
3.567 3.575


7002 7090 7.056 7.047,5

10106 – 10.131 10.140

14002 14190 14.090 14.080

18072 18140 18.095 18.104

21002 21200 21.091 21.140

24892 24940 24.911 24.919

28002 28440 28.091 28.180

50105 50140 50.313

LoTW will be upload after request on Clublog.

QSL cards will be send out together with 3d2cr, 3d2usu, 3d2dom, 3d2rrr, t33t, t30un, t31tt and other cards when we back home to Europe.
Please be patient ! You will get your cards.


Thanks to myself for be a sponsor of my trip.

Thanks to JO,my wife to be our sponsor as well.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands News 7 May 2023

Bula from our Pacific home-Fiji

We are on full speed with preparation before T31TT.

3 brand new generators already waiting. Whole radio and antenna equipment cleaned and checked before next hard work.

Vessel already refueled for the trip.

First stop Samoa.. Quick meeting regarding another semi rare DXCC very close to 5W land (and we not talking about American Samoa )

More info soon.

Video T31T and Friendly people from Central Kiribati

T31T Kanton Island. Information for Radio Amateurs.

DXCC Country - T31 Central Kiribati (Phoenix Islands).
WAC Continent - Oceania.
WAZ Zone - CQ 31.
ITU Zone - 62.
QTH Locator - AI46.

T31T News 22 October 2016

T31T Team is arrive safely in Apia, Samoa.
Logs uploaded to ClubLog.
They planning to be active from Kanton Island again in May - June 2017 for 4 weeks.

T31T News 12 October 2016

Due to a typhoon approaching on the horizon, the team were being kindly advised by local citizens to get their boat ready for departure soon. The team will decide upon this issue within the next 24-48 hours, but it looks like T31T will not be on air as long as planned.

T31T News 7 October 2016

T31T Team now have their phased verticals up for 40 and 80 meters and plan for the same on 160 Meters. Dom was heard saying concentration will be on Europe. On the higher bands they are using a Hexbeam as a horizontal antenna, vertical and soon to go up a Spiderbeam, when the wind dies down.


T31T DX Pedition start activity from Kanton Island.

T31T News 5 October 2016

Information from E51AND:
After seven days sailing with 55 knot winds and 3-4 meter seas the Polish “Rebel DX Group” arrived at Kanton Island and are were anchored in the lagoon awaiting for clearance from Customs and Immigration. Plans are to get on the air later today, however this will depend on getting cleared by customs and setting up at their operating site. "They believe the gear is all in good shape though there are concerns about getting it ashore as there is some chop inside the lagoon”

Information from VK4FW
Dangerous wind, not on shore.

T31T News 30 September 2016

As of press time the Polish "Rebel DX Group" on their way to Kanton Island were nearing ZK3 - Tokelau. They are expected to reach T31 by early next week. The guys have been reported operating from the boat as T31T/MM with signals on 40, 20 and 17 Meters SSB. Listen for them around 7137-7147, 14.183 and 18.128 MHz.

T31T News 26 September 2016

T31T Team planning start sailing to Kanton Island 27 September 2016 and will be active as T31T/MM.

T31T News 19 September 2016

T31T on the way to Kanton Island.

Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands. Author - joann94024.

Video Kanton Island.

T31TT. Where is Kanton Island located. Map.

T31TT Kanton Island Phoenix Islands. Sunrise 04-17-2024 at 17:23 GMT sunset at 05:28 GMT