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S0S S01WS Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Roberto, EA2CNU and Arseli, EA2JG will be active from Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara) 22 - 28 October 2015 as S01WS and S0S (S Zero S).
They will operate on HF bands with focus on low bands CW, SSB.
They will be active in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 24 - 25 October 2015 as S0S.
QSL via EA2JG OQRS, direct.
Ads for direct QSL:
Arseli Echeguren Bardeci, EA2JG, Barrena,6 (Luyando), Luiaondo, Alava 01408, Spain.

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic dispute and background

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic that is also referred to as SADR is a state, which is mostly noted for controlling a thinner belt of region that is noted as West part of Sahara and declares rule over full region of West of Sahara. Important point that should be highlighted is that SADR has control upon 20 to 25 percent of land which it actually claims to rule. Remaining part of disputed land falls under controlling authority of Morocco under the name Southern Provinces. The point of view presented by SADR is that land which is being controlled by Morocco is actually an occupied region. The dispute is still present and both parties maintain their own point of views without any compromise.

Historical Aspects

After Spain left this region it entered into an agreement with Morocco as well as Mauritania in year 1975 during November and this allowed both Mauritania also Morocco to annex region that is included in West of Sahara. However, both states failed in getting recognition upon international level and war erupted with Polisario Front, which at that time made the claim of acting as representation of Sahrawi people. In year 1976 during month of February announcement related with independence was made inside Bir Lehlou. This step was taken because Polisario felt requirement of newer entity for fulfilling the political emptiness that was created because of departing of colonizers of Spanish. Till year 1991 Bir Lehlou stayed as a land that was under control of Polisario.

Structure of Government

Office of president is considered as highly respected office and president has responsibility of appointing Prime Minister. Coming towards basic structure of Government we have Council, which consists of ministers, a branch of judiciary and parliamentary Council. The country was founded in year 1976 various revisions of constitutions have changed republic into a structure, which is leading towards a real apparatus of governing. Since 80s parliament has started to take measures for instituting power distribution and aim is to introduce better reforms.

Different ministers are given duty of dealing with different range of services as well as functions. Courts deal with legal matters and every region has supreme courts operating in similar regions. Institutions, which functions in a parallel fashion have also arisen and these are joined with governing apparatus of SADR. Various organizations are working in a coordinated fashion with aim of bringing betterment and welfare of people.

SNC is weaker as far as legislative contributions are concerned, but theoretical legislatives as well as controlling authorities after various revisions of constitutions have hinted positive developments.

Climatic conditions

The land consists of tropical desert and weather is very much related with Dubai’s weather. Days usually are hotter and generally reach 38 degree centigrade, but under shades you don’t experience extreme hotness and for this credit goes to lower humidity. Nights are cooler as no cloud cover is present for providing insulation. Near to shoreline of Atlantic lighter fogs are generated by warmer winds that are full of moisture coming from Atlantic Ocean. The temperature is good enough for supporting life and natives take special measures for dealing with different types of temperature variations, which arise from time to time.

Economical aspects

This region is mostly dependent upon countryside nomadism, mining of phosphate fishing etc and these acts as prominent sources of income generation for natives. The region doesn’t receive enough rainfall for producing decent agricultural products because of this, eatables are generally imported. In majority of situations Morocco has strong hold over trading related activities. The estimates and surveys that have been conducted highlight the fact that living standards of people in this region are not very high and mostly these are even lower than level of Morocco.


We have already indicated that Western Sahara mostly consists of deserts that have larger rocky surfaces, which sometime elevate to take shape of smaller mountains towards southern and north eastern sides. Also, sand dunes are present for providing cover to region. Those who travel by land don’t face formalities related with borders between West of Sahara and Morocco.

Regions of authority

SADR extends its authority and administrative government upon refugee camps of Sahrawi that are situated inside province of Tindouf of west Algeria. Headquarters are present inside Camp Rabouni that is located towards south of above mentioned province. Governing bodies of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic maintains its authority and control over western region of Sahara and also refugee camps that are present inside Algeria, but it now is claiming authority upon first one. These camps are spotted by a number of foreign agencies line UNHCR and exhibit they higher level of activity.


Data, which was presented in year 2014 depicted that SADR is now recognized by eighty five different states, but of these thirty nine, have stepped back and presently forty countries share diplomatic associations with this state. Embassies are present inside eighteen states. UN has not extended recognition to SADR, but it’s a part of AU. In response to this Morocco took back its association from AU and currently is the sole nation of African region which is not a member of AU. Here, it should be kept inconsideration that Arab league has extended complete support towards Morocco over issue of Western Sahara. This is something, which has not brought satisfaction for Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Keeping this into focus SADR has not been successful in winning membership of the Arab Maghreb Union as well as Arab League.

National Holidays celebrated in Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

  • Independence day
  • May 20 Revolution
  • Day of Martyrs
  • Day of National Unity
  • Foundation of Polisaro Front
  • Day of Disappeared
  • Eid al Adha
  • Eid al Fitar

In short, SADR is one of those nations, which are struggling for gaining recognition in world. Some states have accepted them while other still question their status. Dispute with Morocco has been discussed as well. This area is of political significance and value so it still has to deal with a lot of challenges.