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RI0C Iony Island

R7AL, RA1ZZ, RW5D, RK8A, UA3LMR will be active from Iony Island, IOTA AS - 069, 18 - 22 July 2017 as RI0C.
They will operate on HF Bands.
Ads for direct QSL:
Vasily V. Pinchuk, ul.Krestianskaya, 26/36, Anapa 353445, Russia.
Iony Island ranked Nr 1 in Russia and Nr 2 in Asia for RSGB IOTA.

RI0C News 25 July 2017

R7AL, RK8A and RW5D landed with equipment.
They hope to start activity in 2 - 3 hours.
If wx will permit RA1ZZ and UA3LMR will land tmw.
Until tmw they will operate on 20m only with 100 watt.

RI0C News 24 July 2017

RI0C team try several time to land to the Island with no success.
They will try again tmw.

Iony Island. RI0C Logo.

RI0C. Where is Iony Island located. Map.

RI0C Iony Island. Sunrise 04-13-2024 at 19:22 GMT sunset at 09:31 GMT