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PJ4Q Bonaire Island

Scott, W4PA will be active as PJ4Q from Bonaire Island, IOTA SA - 006, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 24 - 25 November 2018.
He will operate in SOAB Category
Before and after contest he will be active as PJ4/W4PA.
QSL via W4PA.
Ads for direct QSL:
SCOTT E ROBBINS, W4PA, 220 W. Jackson Ave. #405, Knoxville, TN 37902, USA.

Bonaire Island

Bonaire island: about the island and its origin

Bonaire is situated in Caribbean along with its neighboring island, Aruba and Curacao. This is why the three of them is popularly known as ABC islands. Situated in the north of South American coast – Bonaire is near the Venezuela with capital city of Kralendijk. Bonaire has a small numbers of population with only 17,000 people in the area.

Bonaire island got its name from Caquetio. It literally means Good Air. The Dutch modified the spelling into Bojnaj. The Dutch occupation has laid a fundamental influence in the area. As a Caribbean Netherlands island, the country is a special municipality of Netherlands.

The inhabitants of Bonaire were Caquetio Indians. They came from Venezuela by canoe centuries ago and the archaeology evidence showed there are certain paintings and engravings that belong to the Caquetios. They were tall in size so the island is also popularly known as the islands of the giants.

In 1499, Curacao was visited by Alonso De Ojeda along with Amerigo Vespucci. The conquerors found nothing in the land so they decided to enslaved the natives too Santo Domingo – an island in Hispaniola. ABC islands continued to receive fame until in 1526, a Spanish commander, Juan de Ampies, brought back Indian Caquetio. He also took animals from donkeys, goats and pigs from Spain to Bonaire. He was going to make a cattle plantation and the Spanish lived in the city to avoid pirates.

When the Dutch arrived in 1621, they fought with the Spanish and lost one of the island. A fort was build by the Dutch, Fort Oranje. Soon after, the slave trade occurred and there were African slaves among the Indians. The quarter was incredible, built from stones and it was a short ceiling that one man can’t stand up.

Geographical information and Bonaire’s ecology

Bonaire is one of the three islands known as ABC islands. The continent is settled in South America with a land of 288 km². It is not a dense population in Bonaire. And luckily, Bonaire is not situated in hurricane belt. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is at the north of Bonaire- it preserves ecology such as coral reefs and underwater preservation with the highest peak of Brandaris (784 above sea level). Bonaire’s Lac Bay, is one of the paradise for windsurfers. It is ranked as the top 5 mostly visited for professionals in freestyle surfing. The locals also enjoy the kitesurfing.

Bonaire is also famous for the donkeys and flamingo. These typical animals can be seen in harbours. This island is also a place for Yellow shouldered Amazon and the creature is highly protected in Bonaire.

It has always been the preservation of nature that Bonaire people appreciate in.
There is a Bonaire Marine Park and also other ecology preservation across the island.


Bonaire’s culture is retained from its ancestors and the colonials. The Dutch parliamentary places a huge influence on the way citizen is living. However, the culture is still a unique part of Bonaire. The modernity has also been visible in the area, for instance, buildings for education and institution, social housing, health care and government facilities. The land of Netherlands are not part of the European Union Law and they are the overseas countries. However, there are many demonstrations that disagree on the law of Bonaire. It is held by the non-governmental organisation that fight against the constitution.

Government and economy

The economy of Bonaire is highly supported by its tourism department. The island is famous for its scuba diving spots for professionals and the snorkelers. The golden sandy beaches are among the world’s best beaches. The reefs are highly accessible so many scuba divers would come around and enjoy the site. As a top rated beach, Bonaire is a paradise for wind surfers. This is why the economy focuses on the tourism attractions. The infrastructure is contemporary and the resorts have become a great business. Each resort usually provides on site dive tools along with dive operation.


The sea surface is probably the best experience you can witness. The tourism of Bonaire compromises underwater scenes, skirts of reefs and hiking cites. The fish eye view is breathtaking when seeing it from above. The Klein Bonaire is one of the favorite site for scuba divers and snorkelers. Its a great place for tourists. People may have so many things to see here to enjoy and have a better time to spend great time.

  • Kralendijk

The capital city of Bonaire offers extensive places to commercial or cultural places. Stroll in the bustling market with preserved architecture on your left and right side. The eateries are quite authentic to try out. It offers you a hub of excitement from Queen Wilhemina Park to Bonaire’s heritage.

  • Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is place in a deserted area where you can take water taxi and swim in the protected oasis. As part of the Bonaire Marine Park, Klein Bonaire is not an urbanized area yet.

As a virgin island, Klein Bonaire is perfect for relazation and unwind the hustling city. Especially during afternoon, travellers would walk to the beach or enjoying the scenery of sunset while witnessing the sea creatures that can be clearly seen with naked eyes.

  • Lac Bay

Lac Bay is the favorite paradise for Wind Surfers. The boat traffic is endless and the all season timing is perfect for any novice to try out wind surfing activity. Enjoying carribean beach at its best – Lac Bay is situated at the east side of Bonaire. Even when one is not intended on surfing, they can still enjoy the sea side retreat with extensive choices of amenities from bars to lounges. The shallow water is by far, a pretty scenery. Lac Bay also provides lessons for wind surfing beginners. There are still many other sites of surfing and diving; along with ecology preservation such as butterfly garden, donkey sanctuary and also wonderful site of Alice in wonderland.

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