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P40DA P4/PA7DA Aruba

Jaap van Duin, PA7DA will be active again as P40DA or P4/PA7DA from Aruba Island, IOTA SA-036, 14 - 27 November 2022.
He will operate holiday style on 40 - 10m, CW, SSB, Digital modes.
QSL via PA7DA.

P40DA P4/PA7DA Aruba News 7 September 2022

Aruba P4 During the second half of November, Jaap PA7DA will visit Aruba, CQ9, ITU 11, IOTA: SA-036. He will be mainly active on the HF bands. The callsigns P40DA have been requested, but not yet confirmed at the time of publication. If the callsign is not used, P4/PA7DA will activated QSL via Dutch QSL Bureau to PA7DA Direct QSL see with self-addressed envelope with 2 US Dollar enclosed. Netherlands with a local postage stamp. It is family visit, with amateur radio as an secondary activity.

Aruba. Author - Júlio César Aguiar Garcia.

Aruba Island. Author - Maine Surfer.

Aruba Island. Author - Soul Aperture.

Aruba. Flamingos. Author - David Stanley.

P40DA P4/PA7DA. Where is Aruba Island located. Map.

P40DA P4/PA7DA Aruba. Sunrise 09-24-2023 at 10:27 GMT sunset at 22:35 GMT