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OA7/AE2L Laguna Sibinacocha Peru

Justin, AE2L inform, that he will be active as OA7/AE2L from Laguna Sibinacocha in the Vilcanota mountain range of Peru at 16,000 feet while also participating in a research, archaeological, and scuba diving expedition.
This is DX at its best.
He’ll be active at various times throughout the day and evening on 10-80m, but primarily 20/40m as OA7/AE2L. The dates the expedition will be in the field are from 8/18 until 8/24 2017.
His equipment consists of a fully portable rig: an Elecraft KX2, and a Versatenna KX.
For more information on the overall effort for the expedition, please visit
Please QSL via LOTW.
For questions, email to <>

At an elevation of 15,988 ft and over 9 miles long, Sibinacocha is one of the highest lakes of its size in the world, Peru. Author - Catherine Means.

Sunrise, Laguna Sibinacocha, Peru. If there is paradise on Earth it’s at Laguna Sibinacocha (Siwinaqucha). Simply standing on its shores, which measure 4,900 meters (16,000+ feet) above sea level, can give you altitude sickness but the lake’s pristine water is surrounding by two snow-capped mountain ranges. Author - Lucas Cometto.

Sibinacocha, Peru. Author - Giancarlo Sánchez Vidal.

OA7/AE2L. Where is Sibinacocha, Peru located. Map.

OA7/AE2L Laguna Sibinacocha Peru. Sunrise 04-13-2024 at 10:49 GMT sunset at 22:39 GMT