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FW5JG FW/G0VJG Wallis Island

FW5JG is new call of FW/G0VJG.
He will be active SSB, FT8 on 40 - 10m
Nobby, G0VJG will be active as FW/G0VJG from Wallis Island, IOTA OC - 054, 8 - 22 May 2019.
Possible short side trip to Futuna Island, IOTA OC - 118.
He will operate on 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6m, SSB, FT8.
DXCC Country - Wallis and Futuna, FW.

Ono, Futuna Island, Wallis and Futuna. Author - Christian Neumüller.

Stamps, Wallis and Futuna Islands. Author - Abel Albertos.

Wallis and Futuna Islands. Author - ARTEFAQUE.

FW5JG. Where is Wallis island located. Map.

FW5JG FW/G0VJG Wallis Island. Sunrise 04-13-2024 at 17:49 GMT sunset at 05:40 GMT