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EZ/DL7ZM Turkmenistan

David, DL7ZM will be active as EZ/DL7ZM from Turkmenistan until 16 June 2024.
He will operate on 50100 and 28020 only CW.
QSL via DL7ZM direct only.
Ads for direct QSL:
Inffeldgasse 12, Institut of Electronics, 8010 Graz, Austria.

EZ/DL7ZM Turkmenistan News 28 May 2023

My location today was rather bad. I hope to be at a better location tomorrow 16:00 - 18:30. No promise. Please understand, this is a propagation study, so I may just call test test test and let the faculty and students observe on DX maps or reversebeacon or so. Please do not be angry. EZ is not the most easy country to include into a propagation study that included 4L, 4K and 7O.


David EZ/DL7ZM.

Turkmenistan. Author - Robin Ewing.

Turkmenistan. Author - Yuri Virovets.

Turkmenistan. Author - Paula Dear.

EZ/DL7ZM. Where is Turkmenistan located. Map.

EZ/DL7ZM Turkmenistan. Sunrise 06-12-2024 at 00:34 GMT sunset at 15:29 GMT