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VI6DH400 Dirk Hartog Island

VI6DH400. Pavel, VK6NX inform that he is planning to be active from Dirk Hartog Island (IOTA OC-206) 14 - 18 August 2016 as VI6DH400.
He will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17, 15m CW, SSB.
Due to significance of the event - commemoration of 400 years of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog landing at Western Australia coast local telecom authorities has allocated special call sign.

Dirk Hartog Island. VI6DH400 IOTA OC - 206. QSL.

Dirk Hartog Island. IOTA OC - 206 VI6DH400 QSL Rear side.

VI6DH400 News 15 August 2016


Dirk Hartog Island. Gate. Author - Pavel Iliyashenko VI6DH400.

Dirk Hartog Island. Author - Pavel Iliyashenko Ship VI6DH400.

National Park, Dirk Hartog Island. Author - Iliya Iliyashenko.

Antenna, Dirk Hartog Island. VI6DH400. Author - Iliya Iliyashenko VK6NX.

VI6DH400 OC-206 final update 11 August 2016.

Yes, we have "GO" from rangers of Dirk Hartog and Steep Point. This really is good news.

Not really good news is that we have to go a day later, than we've planned. Instead of leaving home QTH on 13th of August we are now leaving at midnight AWST of August 14th (which is 1600 UTC August 13th).
This is all because of tracks at Steep Point are completely closed due to heavy vehicles working on tracks upgrade.

We have to arrive at Locked gate at precisely 1600 AWST (0800 UTC) of August 14th (or - better - earlier) and we will be guided by rangers to barge bearding QTH. We should be at barge QTH at 1700 AWST (0900 UTC) and, then, on shore of Dirk Hartod Island at 1800 AWST (1000 UTC). We are targeting to arrive to shack QTH (Ocean Villa) at 1900 AWST (1100
UTC) August 14th and I am expecting first QSOs somewhere between 2100-2200 AWST (1300-1400 UTC).

Please make sure that you are calculating all dates/times correctly (as per above) to your home QTH.

For those, who are subscribed to our Safety Network and Custom messages:
I am planning to test SPOT3 at some point during the day on 13th of August at approx 0800-0900 UTC, to make sure that this all works as expected. You will receive "Check-In" (Safety) message and "Test VI6DH400 message" (Custom) to your emails and mobiles. Please keep an eye on your emails/mobiles at this time and let me know if you did not receive anything prior we leave our home QTH.

Louisa Bay, Dirk Hartog Island. Author - Dan Wood.

Dirk Hartog Island barge at Cape Ransonnet. Author - Keith Wilcox.

Shark Bay, Dirk Hartog Island. Author - mal.

Where Dirk Hartog Island is located. Map.

VI6DH400 Dirk Hartog Island. Sunrise 05-26-2024 at 23:02 GMT sunset at 09:47 GMT