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D2TX Angola

Bernie, ZS4TX will be active as D2TX from Angola 12-16 August 2022.
He plans activity on 2M EME and HF. He may also be active on 6M EME/Tropo as well as 70CM EME.Equipment for 2M: 2 x 2M18XXX, IC-9700
Direct QSL's for D2TX can be requested from Lins, PA3CMC.
Details regarding the specific activities will be posted just before and during the operation on as well as and the D2TX QRZ.COM pages.

D2TX Angola News 14 August 2022

D2TX Angola. Author -Ronel, ZS4TZ.

D2TX. Angola. Author - ZS4TZ.

D2TX will be active one final RS-44 Satelite pass at 02:20Z on 15 August 2022 trying to work anyone in the Sat footprint from the centre of the 145 MHz 2M uplink. Send Bernie an email notification if you want to try to work him. His station is blocked directly north for the first 3 degrees elevation.

The 2M EME operation will be terminated at Moonset on 15 August 2022.

Angolan Colobus Monkey, Angola. Author - Ian Gill.

Malongo, Cabinda, Angola. Author - Adam Reeder.

Angola. Author - David Pratt.

D2TX. Where is Angola located. Map.

D2TX Angola. Sunrise 09-30-2022 at 04:31 GMT sunset at 16:45 GMT