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CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island

CB0Z Team will be active from Alejandro Selkirk Island, IOTA SA - 101 New, Juan Fernandez Islands, 3 - 5 February 2020.
Team - Mike K9AJ, Nando IT9YRE
They will operate on 40, 30, 20, 17, 15m, CW, SSB, FT8.
QSL via IT9YRE, ClubLog OQRS.
Ads for direct QSL:
DXCC Country - Juan Fernandez Islands, CE0Z.

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island News 3 February 2020 20Z

The team will be on air at 20:15z on the 30mt band CW and at 20:30z on the 20mt or 40mt band SSB

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island News 3 February 2020

February 3, 2020 - 15:45z The team has landed on the island, the navigation has been rough, they will start the activity in the evening, European time, stay tuned

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island 1 February 2020

February 1, 2020 - 18:07z The team landed in Juan Fernandez, the WX is good and the ocean waves are decreasing. Sunday 2 February at 22: 00z they will leave from the port of Juan Fernandez to reach Alejandro Selkirk island, the landing on the island is scheduled for Monday 3 February morning.

Alejandro Selkirk Island, Juan Fernandez Islands. Author - Patricio Novoa Quezada.

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island DX Pedition Banner.

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island. Team Ready.

CB0Z. Where is Alejandro Selkirk Island located. Map.

CB0Z Alejandro Selkirk Island. Sunrise 04-21-2024 at 11:49 GMT sunset at 22:53 GMT