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XE1/DJ4EL Mexico

Markus, DJ4EL will be active again from Mexico 21 December 2014 - 4 January 2015 as XE1/DJ4EL.
He will operate on 20- 10m SSB.
QSL via home call, LOTW.



This is federal republic in North America and it has several neighbors. In the North it is bordered by the United States, on the south and the Eastern side it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean while in the South East there is Guantamele, Belize and the Caribbean Sea. On the eastern side there is the Gulf of/Mexico. In the Americas, it ranks as the fifth largest country and it is densely populated. In Latin America, it is one of the most populous countries with thirty one states and a federal district. Mexico City is its capital and one of the largest cities in the world.


It has an estimated population of 113 million people and during the pre Columbian period many cultures matured into the civilization era and they include the Olmec, the Toltec, Zapotec, Maya and the Aztec before the Europeans invaded the country. It also has other characteristics that distinguish it from other countries in the continent like their massive economy, their geographical climate, their culture, their climate and their availability of resources. It is one of the first countries that joined the Organization for Economic co operation and Development in the American continent and it was also recognized by the World Bank as one of the upper middle income countries. It is an industrialized country and proffered by citizens from all over the continent as a greener pasture zone. The country is also a member of several organizations and this has contributed to its continual successes.

The country also underwent different phases that are distinctly identified and characterized by different activities. The common periods that are recorded in the history of the country include the:

  • Classic period
  • Independence from Spain period
  • Conquest
  • Birth of the country period
  • Porfiriato
  • Archaic period
  • Mexican revolution period
  • Post classic period
  • One party and the multi party period
  • Colonial period( period of the conquest, the colonial period,)

In each of these periods there were significant changes that took place and helped shape the structure and the activities that took place ensured that the economy of the country improved significantly. The federal country bases its government system on the representative, democratic and the republican with president as the head of state.


Mexico is located in the southern portion of North America by means of most of its locators on the North of the American cover. It is one of the largest countries and ranks as the 14 largest countries in the world. It is comprised with islands inside the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, {Gulf of California} and the Caribbean. It shares its boundary with the US-United States of America and this is beneficial especially to its economy. It is one of the positive drivers of the country’s economy.

It is crossed with 2 mountain ranges from the north to south and they are recognized as Sierra Madre/Oriental plus the {Sierra Madre/Occidental} and they are also the additional room of the stony/Mountains that are situated in the North American. There is the (Trans/Mexican)/Volcanic Belt that crosses the country from east to west. There is an extra mountain range known as the Sierra/Madre del Sur that darts from Michoacán/to/Oaxaca.

Most of the areas in the country are located at lofty altitudes and there are several highest elevations that are located in the Mexican Volcanic Belt. The three major agglomerations are situated in the valley between four elevations namely:

  • Toluca
  • Puebla
  • Greater Mexico city
  • Pico de Orizaba

The geographical location is a major factor that supports a certain climate trend hence making it adaptable.


The country lies on the topic of tumor and therefore divides the country into moderate and the tropical climate zones. Regions that is located south of the parallel line experience temperatures that are constant throughout the year while the northern area experiences cooler conditions during the winter. The two varied conditions make Mexico one of the countries in the world that experiences diverse weather conditions. Most of the cities in Mexico are positioned in the valley creation the experience the temperate climate in the midst of warmer conditions during the day and cooler periods during the night.

Cities that are located towards the North largely experience the dry climate with rainfall that is sporadic with the steamy lowlands of the country experiencing the least rainfall.


In terms of its biodiversity, it is considered of the most mega diversified countries. It has numerous species of flora and fauna that largely depend on the varied weather conditions experienced in the country. it ranks as the first country in the world in terms reptiles species with approximately 707 species, it is the 2nd in mammals, fourth in amphibians and the 4th in the world in terms of flora with about 26,000 species.

It is the best in the continent in terms of establishing the secluded natural areas that are presented in terms of national parks, natural monuments, biosphere reserves, protected flora plus faunas, natural resource protectors and sanctuaries that are well established and equipped. It is also one of the best bio prospecting locations because of its diversity.


Economically, Mexico also ranks as one of the best countries in the world. It has the ability and embraces most of its activities that promote the economy of the country. Apart from tourist attraction sites, there are other activities like agriculture, mining, broadcasting and entertainment that are evidently the best in the world. Mexico is one of the countries that are considered as the dreamland for most people and where their dreams are actually realized. Their rich culture is also another factor that makes the country that makes it more successful and attractive. The people embrace their culture and strictly adhere to the requirements of each of the activities characterized by each one of them. The country is also known for its unique and highly sophisticated cuisines that have been copied by other countries all over the world.

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