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Ukrainian contenders for the WRTC 2010

The battle for Ukrainian representation on Moscow WRTC 2010 gains strength so we see more publications in different contest-related media.
The struggle for the 1st place takes place between Andy UU4JMG and Roman UR0MC.
UU4JMG's disqualification in CQ WW DX SSB 2008 might affect him but latest rumors say he was not DQ'ed as he was not in the country during the contest time, so he should be excluded form the operators list,
and he can prove it.
What about 4L0A and CQ WW DX CW 2008 results, the 4L0A log has been withdrawn by the station owner and the team, so that is the reason why
4L0A is not present in the contest results.

It still rouses to excitement.

Let's see what decision the WRTC 2010 committee will take.