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WRTC 2010 Russians Must Win

Part two (now for english speaking).
I wrote Part One of the article in Russian for Russians but it turned out to be of significance for lots of other people besides russians. Well, that’s understandable, since the issues lit up in the article have to do with EVERY participant of the WRTC 2010 event on site and off site (are we finally getting closer to real sport like soccer here?)! In my opinion current format of WRTC is a mispresented form of radiosport HF communicating. The way it’s been treated for the past two decades (except for the very first one in Seattle WA USA) it added very little if any to the progress of our contesting. There are a number of things treated wrongly as far as WRTC is concerned. These things are:
- absense of well formulated critirea for team selection, in fact the critirea changed from one event to another;
- it’s a TEAM world championship, (why are the induviduals ignored?) which limits the presentation to the world of otherwise very deversified radiosport HF communicating contesting;
- absense of well established technical conditions for the on site participants (these vary from Seattle type, where they had to use 100W 6 dB attenuating pad to level the signal from a 4 stacked yagis at K7RI’s with other on site participants, to Moscow WRTC 2010 style, which, o’corse is the best of all prceeding events);
- the ONLY language allowed for communication with on site participants is English. I can’t even think of a comparisson with other sports where the non-english speaking participants are so much handicapped right from the very beginning! BTW in Seattle WA in 1990 they had 4 nominations for the World champions – the best team on CW, on SSB, on MULTIPLIERS and Grand World Champion. So, for the non English speaking the organizers had at least two nominations, now there’s non;
- and the most stupid thing – not letting everyone know who operates under special calls on sites before hand not after the event! Its like if we had a World Cup in SAR and when watching the games we had to keep our eyes tightly closed at stadium or had our TV displays blanked and loudspeakers muted (if so, then why tunr it on at all?) since we weren’t supposed to know the names of the guys on field, and even the names of the teams untill the game is over. This WRTC thing is a once in a life chance for us all to make radiosport HF communicating contesting known to the WORLD much much better. But it should be treated as a real sport not the other way around as it has been the case for the past two decades. After all why think of stupid examples like the one above of a World Cup. Just think of the upcoming WRTC 2010. The Organizers are promissing 5 minute update of the cuurrent standings from the Battle Field of Domodedovo. And so, what? I don’t give a damn to who’s where in these standings unless I know who is who. Otherwise it is just some unpesronified information, which draws no emotion, thus no interest. And such situation HAS NOTHING to DO WITH TRUE SPORT! Sport can’t be without spectators. And this WRTC is about what? It is about 50 two man teams going to a far away place aevery once in four years to sit around their radios for 24 hours blindly doing it. I think its gotta be completely different. Everyone should know their countrymen and speak to them in native language and cheerlead’em to a victory, the on site participants should know their current standing just like the off side participants or spectators. Then it’ll look more like a REAL SPORT’s EVENT - radiosport HF communicating contesting.
I am not coming to Domodedovo. I decided to spend 24 hours at my radioshack to cheerlead the Russians to their Victory.
73 Willy UA9BA