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What will the CQWW CC do?

I have had a lot of talks with the number of contesters and the indignation with the CQWW CC policies getting stronger.
I hope after the CQWWCC has started talks in the corridors on the subject of SO category elimination, everyone should express themselves.
As far as I know six of CQWW CC members have already supported the decision. It was surprising to see that F6BEE (6W1RW) and CT1BOH (CR3E) are in the list. CT1BOH's support was the most vigorous and it surprised me even more.

I believe Jose will not ever enter the SO category as long as in his opinion this category has already become obsolete. So the SOAB Assisted category is waiting for him.

I hopefully believe CQWW CC will not dare to act contrary to the contesters opinion and eliminate the SO category, the CQWW CC will be able to do that only if the contest community will became like the lion on the picture below

    73        Al 4L5A