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What CQ WW Contest Committee Need to do

SO category combination advocates have always been complaining that nobody really makes any valuable proposals but they forget that nobody had really been asked.
If one's proposals are just ignored and perverted then one can not see any reason on making them.
We have a lot of examples on that.
Contest audio files recording was proposed a while ago and nothing happened.
The observer program has been discredited entirely. Explanations that it was just the first experience and we should just wait a few years seem insolvent.
The discussion on combining SO-SOA category has been raised because log-checkers can not make refereeing  reliable but had they already found a reliable way of judging SOA before K3EST has raised said discussion?
Armenians have a saying, "When a smart man thinks, a fool acts".
The number of promises made by K3EST is countless.
He swore that the Committee actions will be made public and transparent - all we had is a couple of Webinars. He also promised that the results of observer program would be made public, still nothing. Then he promised to  be more open for he contest community and now we have a New Year gift like SO category elimination.
Respectful NP4Z suggested that the reason is Season's Holidays whisky :-)
I would like to know what kind of Whisky that was and think it should be disallowed at all, at least for K3EST :-)
From my point of view in its time the SO1R category was eliminated wrongfully.
This category elimination was not only the historical fairness and contest traditions were affected but it put the Committee into the ambiguous situation. Another after-effect was that many contesters ceased their contest participation.
From my point of view the SO1R category restitution is absolutely necessary and would reinstate the historical fairness - restitution of all SO1R records and new SO2R category creation.
I suggest the contesters to vote for the congenial concept: