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Video LU9ESD from ZW5B ARRL DX SSB Contest 2021

Video Manu Siebert, LU9ESD from ZW5B in ARRL DX SSB Contest 2021.
A few minutes in Single CQ (Monitor ON) and Dual CQ (Monitor OFF) on the last ARRL DX Phone 2021. Sorry for the poor video quality in the first half, and for not being able to record in stereo so that you can hear exactly as I heard on my headphones. This was my very first SOAB and SO2R experience, so there is still a lot to do to improve. A wonderful and unforgettable experience with a surprising and unexpected result: #1 World in SOAB Unlimited HP with 5011 QSO and 283 Multipliers. Luck was on my side this time! Thank you all for being in my log