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TS7C Chergui Island

TS7C multi-national team (DL1BDF, F1HRE, F2VX, F4AJQ, F4EGD, F4EVR, F5EOT,F5PED, F5UFX, F6AXX, F6BIV, F6CTT, F6ENO, F8BJI, F8IJV, F9IE, FM5CD, G0OPB, I2VGW, N2WB, N6OX, OE8KDK, OE8SKQ, OE9AMJ and ON7RN). They will planning to be QRV from Chergui Island, Kerkennah (AF-073) 8 of january evening hours. They will be active until around 18-19 UTC on 18 January.
They plan to have six station on 160-10 metres CW, SSB, FM and digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, BPSK, SSTV), special attention will be paid to 160 and 80 metres.
The antenna farm will consist of verticals and wires for the low bands and Spiderbeams from 40 to 10m. QSL via F4EGD, direct or bureau.