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T88KH Koror Island

Ken, BM2JCC will be active again from Koror Island, (IOTA OC-009) Palau 17 - 21 March 2016 as T88KH.
QTH Grid PJ77fi.
He will operate on 80 - 6m.
QSL via home call.
Ads for direct QSL:
Kenichi Hoshino, P.O.Box 282 Nangang Kunyang,Taipei 11558, Taiwan.

Koror Island (Oreor Island) is commercial center of the Republic of Palau.
Koror Island has tropical climate with temp 28C (82F).
Koror is outside of typhoon zones.
Popular local food cassava, taro, yam, potato, fish, pork.
Popular sport- Baseball.
Koror Island DXCC country- Belau T8.
Currency- US Dollar USD.
International phone prefix- +680.
Internet TLD- .pw
Time- UTC +9.
CQ Amateur Radio Magazine WAZ Zone- CQ 27.
ITU Zone- ITU 64.
RSGB IOTA programm Koror Island reference number- IOTA OC-009 Palau Islands.
Another group of the Islands for IOTA Award South Palau Groups- IOTA OC-248.

Koror Island

Koror Island is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Caroline Islands. The island is also known as “Oreor” which means “a place of work”. Koror Island is among one of over 200 islands. It is connected to the other islands by bridges. There are many things that one can take part in when visiting the island. Population 10,000, it was the capital until 2006 when it changed to Melekeoke.

The state of Koror Island has twelve hamlets among the island.


The government has grown in this modern world without eliminating the traditional ways of the island. The goal of the government now is to help the people of the island to rise above the living standards they now have. The government is democratic.


The days and nights are warm. There are rainforests and very green foliage from the moisture.

Getting around Koror Island

Taxis, the BBI shuttle and rental cars are the only way to get around the Island. Traffic on Koror Island is slow due to low speed limits and speed bumps scattered throughout the island. One can obtain a rental car at the airport and some larger resorts. Driving is done on the right side. Cars are bought from Japan and imported to the island.

Taxis are numerous but hard to find if you are walking. It is best to have your waitress/waiter summon one for you. Taxis charge a flat rate depending on where the service starts and ends.

During the evenings, the BBI shuttle runs. Operating time is 5pm to 10pm. It has two working routes in different directions. The shuttle stops at two major resorts the Palau Pacific Resort and Palau Royal Resort. It will cost seven dollars per person, with the tickets being good for one week. Tickets can be bought at the shuttle terminal or at the larger resorts.

Things to do on the island

You can go snorkeling among the jelly fish in Jelly Fish Lake. It is beautiful and the jelly fish do not sting. A must to do and see.

One can also go through aquariums at Palau International Coral Reef Center. They offer open air exhibits. There are also salt water crocodiles in cages for viewing. It takes about thirty to sixty minutes to see.

Diving in the Ocean is a spectacular experience. There are so many aquatic things to see under the water.

One can also swim with the dolphins at the largest research facility called the Dolphins Pacific. Here one can be interactive with the dolphins and swim with them.

Palauan Storyboards

Some of the storyboards are sold at the jail that is located in the middle of Koror. They are very expensive because part of the proceeds goes to the families to help support them until the family member has served their time and comes home. Another place to buy a storyboard is at a café named the Rock Island Café. The prices are very reasonable there. A small storyboard will start at one hundred dollars.


There are several shops on the island. Two largest shops are in the middle of the island and their names are the WCTC and the Surangels. They are across from each other. There is a grocery store in each and WCTC offers Athletes footwear. The best assortment of sunblock is offered at Surangels.


Places to go for Paluaan food are Yano’s Market. They serve the best beef wrapped in Titiml leaves. These leaves are confused with basil leaves. They also serve seafood. Another place to go to is the Penthouse. Here they serve soups of very different One should be adventurous.

For an international flaire, one can go to the Rock Island Café where they serve hometown cooking. This café is run by the Seventh Day Adventist and are closed from Friday night to Saturday night.

Taj is another eatery that serves Indian food and is high end in its meals and rices.

The Drop Off Bar and Grill. Seating is outside. Some of which is covered with a roof. It is by the marina. Divers tend to come here when the dive boats are in.


SLC is on the edge of the rock island. It has live music every weekend.


There are several hotels on the island .they all offer air conditioned rooms, beautiful rooms and much, much more.


They use US currency as their main currency.


The Koror Island is a beautiful place to go for relaxing. It is nice and warm not much rain. There are lots of things to do like shopping in stores all over the island. One can buy story boards at the jail or at other shops. Where you choose to buy them depends on how much you want to spend.

There are many restaurants all over the island. They offer all kinds of different meals from different countries and different prices.

You can go diving in the ocean, swim with the dolphins or look at aquariums.

The government looks out for its people and is trying to maintain the history and culture of the people. They are a democratic government.

So if you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, Koror Island is the place to go.

Take your time in choosing how you are going to get around the island, whether it is in a rental car, shuttle or taxi. Things are not very expensive. Food is cheap, transportation is affordable and the bars are very friendly and welcome everyone. The divers especially love the bars. This is because the bars are on the water front of the island.

You can use your US currency because this is the currency they have.

There is a US Embassy just in case you should need help with some legalities that should crop up.

So please make Koror Island a place to stop at for a get a way or vacation. It is beautiful and quaint and friendly.

Where is Koror Island located. Map.

T88KH Koror Island. Sunrise 04-21-2024 at 20:49 GMT sunset at 09:11 GMT