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T31T Kanton Island Announcement

New DX Pedition to Kanton Island T31TT

T31T Kanton Island Expedition part 2

Following our DXpedition to Kanton Island (Central Kiribati) in 2016, we decided to come back to this extraordinary place this year - with a new plan and resources.

Next to typically ham radio focused activity, we wish to connect our radio project with humanitarian aid mission addressed to little, isoalted community of the Kanton Atoll. It’s inhabited by as little as 24 persons and their needs are often forgotten by local authorities and rest of the world.

Apart from the ham radio activity, our other goal is to focus on delivering a new gears and equpiment needed for of monitoring and prevention of natural disasters (such as early warning system of cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami). There are also necessary repairs to be done to the old, existing equipment. Without proper technical backup, the Kanton’s friendly and most welcoming community will much more be exposed to natural disasters and climate change’s side effects.There is also no fresh water on Kanton. Water maker machine will be very helpful for locals /they are using rain water to drink.

If you want to support Kanton community, you can send paypal using button on our web page:
Entire donations will be used for local community only.

Our journey will being around May 10th from Samoa. We plan to launch 2 stations operating FT8 24h non-stop + 3 more SSB/CW stations. We still have 5 seats to take by an organized group or individual amateurs.

More information available upon email requests sent to Join our team and experience this exrardinaty adventure with us.

The Rebel DX Team