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Should UA9BA go to EF8M?

The following article is based on the messages from Contest-RU mail reflector , and well, not only.
I’d like to remind briefly that Willy (UA9BA) has expressed an opinion that Val (RD3A) is using help of Alexander (RZ3AZ) while operating as Single Op in contests.
Igor (RG3K) has supported Willy.
In reply Val (RD3A) offered Willy and Igor to visit his EF8M shack during CQ WW WPX CW 2011 contest to be witnesses of his Single Op participation.
Willy has put certain conditions and his demands were agreed in letter by RZ3AZ as message from RD3A. Igor has another suggestion which was not accepted.
After all these messages the mail forum is silent about the matter.
There was one emotionally charged letter from Val RD3A responded by R7NT.

The mail forum is silent but life is boiling.
I have a lot of messages and phone calls discussing above mentioned problems.
K5ZD has been bombarded with letters asking to officially appoint Willy as CQ WW WPX inspector.
People are referring to Valery as “monster”, “mafia”, or even worse in private messages.

Lets split letters from contest committee members and other ham’s. To my extreme surprise contest committee members are singing the same song. They say “We know that RD3A breaking rules but could not DQ him because he has promised bring this case to court. This is only hobby and so on..”

Gentlemens, I would like to tell you that such letters has only one way in my PC – right to the trash bin.
I can’t have any respect to these whispers.
If the contest committee due to any reason cannot run and judge the contest fairly than in my opinion they do not want to do so. I guess that’s why we see some attempts to remove SO Non-assisted category.
Why don’t you retire gentlemen?
You’ll sure have chance to whisper than.

After watching all these “dances” I had a thought which I’d like to discuss with you.

Taking into account the current state of contest committee is there any reason for Willy to travel to EF8M?

Well, take for instance, RD3A & RZ3AZ, although we could take, as example, the rumoured pair of R2AA and somebody from UA3Q, or some other pair, but since
the conversation is about RD3A and RZ3AZ, so let’s talk about them.

Imagine that Willy arrived and well received at EF8M.
There are two people in the shack – RD3A and RZ3AZ.
Willy , as he promised, sit in the quiet corner with his own headphones and computer and not disturbing any of operations.
Just imagine that after couple of hours of working in contest RD3A stood up and RZ3AZ has taken his place continue making QSOs...
What Willy should do?
Take a note?
Start photo or video shooting?
Will this record be recognizable evidence?
Or should he call police and witnesses?
Police won’t even listen.

How to prove the fact that RZ3AZ is not playing PC Game “Enter the callsign” but making contacts in contest?
What do you think about it?
From legal point of view there is nothing could be done and it will be just Willy words against RD3A words.

I remember CQ Magazine contest committee has many chances to defend themselves and they also updated contest rules reflecting some anti-cheating demands, but was it enough?

I will tell you the content of one Geogian cartoon :
“Mouse cry to God that her life is very hard and Cat is always a big threat.
God promise to help and make mouse into a Dog. Mouse walks around as Dog sometime barking at passers by. But when Cat appears Dog cowardly runs away.
Next time God convert Mouse into a huge Tiger. Tiger walks around showing off the power by breaking trees. But when Tiger sees Cat it runs away.
God is asking : “Why are you so afraid of Cat if I made in such a huge Tiger?”
Mouse replies: “I know I am a Tiger but does Cat know that?”

Anyway Willy has to decide himself whether travel to EF8M or not. I believe you will not succeed there.

I know one ideal inspector – he is Roger, G3SXW.
Will he refuse to go to Canary? Not, of course.
How about some food and drinks ? With pleasure.
Gifts? Sure ok.

I suggest gentlemen from Contest Commitee should adopt Wednesday Minitest rules.
All the participants gather on air after the contest in “round table” and declare their results.
This is it.
No further claims or discussions, and sure nobody wish to go to the court.

73 Al 4L5A