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Palmyra Atoll Press Release 1

DX Pedition Palmyra Atoll K5P
Palmyra Atoll KH5-P

Press Release #1

18 April 2015

Craig (K9CT) and Lou (N2TU) are proud to announce a DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll. Palmyra (KH5) ranks in the top ten on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe.

After many months of negotiations with US Fish and Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy, the Palmyra Island DXpedition Group has been awarded permission to activate Cooper Island in the Palmyra Atoll during January 2016.

Craig is a veteran of many of the “Most Wanted” DXpeditions. He co-lead Sint Maarten and Swains and operated from Conway Reef, Midway, Cocos Island, Wake Atoll and Amsterdam Island. Lou was a member of the Swains Team and led the Wake Atoll Commemoration. Craig and Lou have just returned from the Navassa Island K1N DXpedition.

A team of 12 highly experienced operators and veterans of many DXpeditions has been formed. Team members include Craig K9CT, Lou N2TU, Jerry WB9Z, Tom ND2T, Mike K9NW, Ralph K0IR, John K6MM, Bob K4UEE, Hal W8HC, Dick W3OA, Jim N9TK, and Glenn W0GJ.

They plan to operate five stations over a 14 day period, 160 to 6 meters on all modes, using a callsign to be announced at a later date.

Critical to major DXpeditions are the immediate, up-front commitment costs. INDEXA and NCDXF have been most generous in their support of Palmyra 2016 and this support is sincerely appreciated.

Logistical support for this operation is being provided by Kimo, KH7U and Don, N1DG. Joe W8GEX and Janet W8CAA have volunteered to assist the team in fund raising. Their experience in this area is highly valued.

Our website,, developed by team member John K6MM, will provide updates as they become available. The Donation page of the website is currently active. The group will also have an OQRS link on the website for easy QSLing.