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N1Y September 11 USA

Members of the Symbol Technologies ARC (W2SBL) will be honoring the lives lost during the horrific events of September 11th, 2001, with activating special event station N1Y between 1400z (10:00 am local time) Saturday, September 10th, and 0400z (11:00 am local time) Sunday, September 11th 2011.
Suggested frequencies are: 3911, 7240, 14070 and 50135 kHz, as well as D-Star REF10C.
QSL direct to: STARC, 1 Motorola Plz, B-13, Holtsville, NY 11742-1300 USA (with a #10 SASE).
NOTE: There will be a reading of one name of the fallen with every QSO