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Hey there, in the tub

Chapayev and Petka decided to disguise themselves. But, no luck – not a bit of shrub around. Well, they got hold of some spirits and got drunk. An hour passed, and Petka crawls up to Chapayev, says,” Vasily Ivanovich, do you see me?”
“I don’t. What about you?
" I don’t, either. Ain't it fantastic, the way we disguised ourselves?!

Hey there, in the tub

Well, guys from the CQ WW Contest Committee grew sad and retracted into their Diogenes’s reflector. They do not know that it also has ears for a very long time already. In fact, they are curious where 4L5A gets information from.

Is it really difficult to guess?!

Bob, K3EST, and 4L5A, has for a very long time been on friendly terms and have been working together trying to make contesting better. Thus, I don’t think Bob keeps anything secret from me.

There is no way to only hide inside the tub. Let yourselves out into fresh air and, as a matter of fact, you may even experience that other people also have advice that can be of value.

73 Al 4L5A