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FT5ZM Amsterdam Island Press Release

The following Press Release is from K0IR, Ralph Fedor, team leader of the upcoming January 2014 Amsterdam Island (FT5ZM) DXpedition.

Please feel free to pass this on to your club and friends.
Bernie, W3UR

Press Release

Since our last Press release early last month, we have a great deal of news to report.

We have received the call sign FT5ZM. It is a good call sign and we thank TAAF for their cooperation. Two new team members have joined the team of fourteen. They are Neil, VA7DX and Andy, UA3AB. Both men are veterans of many DXpeditions and add expertise to the list of operators.

Several more sponsors have joined in with their support, Spiderbeam, Cycle 24 Antennas, and Array Solutions. Array Solutions will be providing the new OM Power amplifiers for our low band operations.

The team will assemble in Perth, Australia on January 10/11, 2014. The DXpedition vessel Braveheart will arrive on January 12th and loading of equipment and personal items will begin. The North Coast Radio Group of Western Australia, along with Alek, VK6APK, will be offering logistical support to the FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition Team. The VK6's will assist in obtaining masts, ground rods, electrical hardware, and some medical supplies. This will result in a substantial decrease in the bulk and weight of material that the team has to ship from the U.S. We plan to depart for the 9 day trip to Amsterdam Island on January 15th.

We are grateful to the growing list of DX Foundations, DX Clubs and individual DXers who have contributed toward the DXpeditions expenses.
NCDXF, INDEXA, ARRL/Colvin and several European based DX Foundations have made unusually large commitments. They are aware of the extreme cost of the venture at over $400,000. (see our budget on the website.)

However, thus far, we have only raised just over 53% of the money that we need to complete this DXpedition. As payments on the vessel begin next month, we must ask the world-wide DX community for their support.

Thanks.we will update you monthly until departure.