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FT4JA QSL Status 14 July 2016

Many of you are wondering about the QSL, especially when they read that some other stations get them already.

What’s going on exactly ?

We have been lucky to have again the opportunity to get a philatelic object dedicated to our expedition. For FT4JA is was a set of 3 stamps, for FT4JA we have a special envelope with 2 stamps printed on it.
Right after the end of the operation, we place an order to the TAAF to get enough philatelic envelopes to reply to all QSL requests. As you can imagine, it means a huge quantity.

June 10th – we received the QSL from the printer (F5JRC)
June 15th – we immediatly sent our the only 1000 envelopes available mostly for Early Donors QSL (EDP).
July 5th – we finally got the rest of our order and our QSL manager has processed most of the cards in a couple of days with the help of local operators. This include the remaining Early Donors QSL, OQRS (up to July 7th) and a couple of direct.
July 11th – 100kg of enveloppes have been mailed to the TAAF (French Southern lands & Antarctic) post service in Paris
–>We received the confirmation that all our package have been received on July 13th in Paris, so they shoud be processed along the summer.
Last week of August – Following to their recomendation, all remaining cards will be sent to the TAAF, including the direct + all OQRS received after July 7th

When can you expect to receive your card ?

The philatelic envelopes can’t be used with the classic postal circuit. They must be sent through the TAAF post service located in Paris. They process the cards as fast as possible and re-inject them to the classic postal circuit.
This operaton can take some time but what you must understand is that the “TAAF postman” stamps each enveloppes 3 times to give you a wonderful philatelic object. We kindly ask you to be patient and to do not place another request if you already did it before. The cards received this week in Japan, US and EU are those put in the mail in June 15th (not all have been received yet).

The few requests received with a SASE will be answered by classic post service using the envelope inclued.

Direct request will be answered with the “special envelope”. It means that we have to write the adress manually but we want to give you the opportunity to get it !