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EY8MM Tajikistan 160m

From 21 of january till 1st of february 2009 US and North American radioamateurs
getting great opportunity to make a contact with Zone 17 and EY on 160m band
Nodir Tursun Zadeh EY8MM will be active from his contest position up in the mountains
He will use 2 el quad antenna mounted on 55 m high tower
He have also using different rx antennas
Nodir will be emphasizing activity to North America
Nodir so far logged 81 USA Contact ( 25 states) on 160m
He will also take a part in CQ WW 160M Contest
Beginning January 26, Ken K4ZW will join him and will be active from same location
on 160 and 80m band
QSL for EY8MM via K1BV
Nodir is also in LOTW
EY8/K4ZW via home call