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EP6T Iran News 26 January 2015

EP6T Iran News 26 January 2015


Damn, another visit by Murphy last night !
You may have noticed that we were not on air after 22U3O . The whole citycentre had a power failure for seven hours!
Sunrise had passed when we could start operating again .

Today we had 2 groups of CRA officials visiting . After having a guided tour of our station and antenna farm they wanted to test our transmitters again, this time they wanted to check if their receivers in Tehran could hear our signals on 15 meter.

Our Visitor counter is now at 30 . The officials are very interested in this project and therefore not all stations could be operated because of all questions that had to be answered .

Nearing the end of our expedition this is very encouraging for the new local radio amateurs who have passed their test .

We still try our best to put as many NA stations in the log as possible but conditions and noise level makes it hard work especially on the long path to west coast. 40 m is still terrible, even the European signals are difficult to copy.

Operators are tired but in a good mood and still ready to work the pile ups

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