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EG8LM will be active 16 - 18 September 2011.
Nearly two centuries and, as happened in 1811, residents of the Highlands of the Barranco del Pinar, Piedra Molino, of Junquillo and Verdejo, Palmital, Calabozo and Paso, Caideros of San Jose, Saucillo and Lucena, offered this votive feast to the Virgin of Santa María de Guía, thanks to the miracle in French patent for saving their land and crops from the scourge of cricket that would sink into poverty and into the blackest despair. This vote was done in the Mountain Vergara, knees, weeping before the impending disaster. Everyone fell in sight of the towers of the Shrine of the Virgin, with eyes fixed in a hope that only faith made them tangible. And they heard the Virgin. From there a few moments, they saw a cloud that rose up from the sea cliff and reaching the land they groaned under the punishment of the plague, dumped torrential rain sweeping in a few moments away in the cicada and the devastation is so miraculous and the ruin that hung over their inheritance and all that region.

There, above the earth redeemed from punishment, provided the older - in their names and those of all their blood which thereafter may succeed, - lead each year to the Blessed Virgin of the offering of their Guide Terrazgos and the fruit of their work and ambitions.

Since then, every year has been held continuously, this festival, one of the most beautiful and deeply popular in our country offers the faith tradition and current generations want to increase feelings of gratitude and devotion to the Blessed Virgin and this year, over time, will be present with new force all the descendants of those who almost two hundred years ago, offered this tribute to the Virgin eternal unity of the people of Guidance, the realization of one vote, voting is made of Faith, Hope and Love to Our Patroness Our Virgin of Guía.