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EF8M CR3E 8P5A Observers

Few more words on leading contest stations inspections.

Taking in belief the information we have from the CQ WW CC about checking the power limitations then it looks like the CQ WW inspector should take local government responsibilities, i.e. he should check if the inspected station follows local regulations in all ways.
What we have in case of those planned for the inspections?


On 80-10 meters the power limitation is 1000 Watts, 160 m - 200 watts.


160 m limitations: 1810-1830 with 200 watts, 1830-1850 - 1500 Watts.
80-10 meters - 1500 Watts.


1800-2000 khz - 250 watts
80 meters - 250 Watts
40 meters - 250 Watts
10, 15 and 20 meters - 500 Watts

So the 8P5A with the advantage on frequency spectrum on 160 meters loses in allowed power on HF bands 2-3 times. I'm just curious how Jose is going to follow local 160 m band plan and power limitations simoultaneously?

Still many questions unanswered.
Everyone knows what power the contest stations have and not only the casual contesters exceed the power limitations but CQ WW CC members also do the same. The sad thing they did not start the Observer program chcking their own stations.

Another question is what gear will be used for checking the power? I think those power-meters should be certified by the local or international authorities. The amateur power-meters are not good enough for that, I think.

The power checking is the question not yet studied carefully so how an inspector should check it? And how will the band plan regulations will be checked too? One can not check how the contestant follows the power limitations without checking how does he follow the band plan but then we come to conclusion that those working in the contest without observation have an andavtage over those with such observation.

K3EST's letter still has it uncovered what is going to happen if a contestant does not allow an inspector to check the output power, then how will the fact of exceeded power be proved?

Now we have more questions, than answers.
The main question if we will be able to hear those affected byt the Observer program.

Al 4L5A