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DR1A RDXC 2012

Fellow contesters, The YLs within the Bavarian Contest Club BCC have become more active and visible recently in major contests with decent results.
Up to now, they were either operating on their own or were part of different teams.
Now, the time has come to finally join female forces and put up a major YL M/S effort this coming weekend in the Russian DX Contest RDXC!
We are Sandy, DL1QQ, Meli, DL2YL, Andrea, DL3ABL and Irina, DL8DYL and we will operate from DR1A.
Big thanks to the other DR1A members for having us use the super station. The RDXC is a very competitive event and our motto is no risk no fun!
We hope for many callers and we will confirm every QSO with a special QSL via the buro.
73 de Irina, DL8DYL on behalf of the entire team
P.S.: We are looking forward to many callers but we hope for your understanding that we may give preference to Russian stations this time ;-)
Thank you in advance!