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CQ WW DX Contest a Private View

CQ WW CC celebrated 60 years of CQ WW DX contest (that we love) very quietly and imperceptibly.

60 years is a remarkable term so many things have changed resulting in accumulated experience and arising problems.

Computer technologies now let us make more QSOs in the contests, every year we see new equipment and computer software offered to help us achieve higher results in the contest activities.

For example, the modern propogation prediction software is a big help for everyone. The problem is that our contesting activities require more and more money.

From my point of view it was a bad idea to replace the SO1R with SO2R category, because those going to DX places now have lesser chances to win so the one-man SOAB contest DX-peditions seem now senseless. Besides, almost all SO1R records have been beaten because SO2R has obvious advantage over the SO1R.

It would have made more sense if SO2R had been added to SO1R but since it has not been done probably now it's time to bring the SO1R back?

Another CQ WW problem is the Assisted category.

The leaders do not favour this one and CQWW records prove it. They often call it "losers category" and this attitude to those competing in "Assisted" does not honour the leaders.

It is understandable that this attitude has been formed of the opinion that the category is uncontrollable and sometimes this opinion is true, but at the same time no one can stop the progress so the question is how the CQ WW CC should either create the means to control the category or just to move the Assisted category entrants to Extreme?

Next problem I would like to speak on is the problem of those living in the cities. With the 160 m band put into operation many stations just can not compete as equals just because in most cases they do not have enough room to hang 160 m band antennas. As of today many contesters have good 3, 4 or even 5 - band antennas but as they can not work on all bands they submit in SOSB category.

Probably it would be more logical if the CQ WW CC consider adding the "High Band Only 20,15,10" and "Low band Only 40, 80, 160" categories, that would more or less even the competitors chances. Another assumption is the CQ WW CC members might pay attention to those appealing about 36-hours category as an addition to 48 hours.

I think all of these innovations might be of help in the contest and make the contest more interesting for many contestants.