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CQ WW Contest Committee in Barrell

Probably not many of us know that there is a group "Diogenes" among the CQWW CC.
Its members include K3EST, K1EA, KR2Q, CT1BOH, ES5TV, K1AR, N8BJQ, W3ZZ, N6AA, K1HT, S50A.
This group's opinion has the priority over the others concerning making decisions on disqualifications, changing contesters entry category and changing the contest rules.

Unlike of Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", naming this group after Diogenes makes one recall Diogenes' barrel :-) Wonder if that was a hidden intention :-) Or the intention was different?

After being reproached for masturbating in the marketplace he would say "If only it was as easy to banish hunger by rubbing the belly as it is to masturbate."

Hiding in a barrel the only thing some of the CQWW CC worry about is that the contest community should not know what they are conversing in whispers in that barrel.
Most of the CC members do not support the idea about cancelling the SO category, and this is a good sign.
Especially Tonno's ES5TV position, who counteracts actively.

Those defending the proposed rules change produce a crushing (as they think) argument that the cluster usage is almost impossible to detect and to prove. Following the logics they will not be able to prove if one was helped by the second operator or any other assistance.

Again, spreading this logic further, we should some day come to the only EXTREME category so the refeering at all will not make any sense anymore. K1DG expressed his thoughts precisely saying that using this line of reasoning of those in the barrel we should have only 2 categories - "1 band" and "all bands".

From my point of view when arguing the classical authors quotations are being commonly used, like Anderson's tales:'s_New_Clothes
After reading it I think everyone should realize that the emperor and his Deogenes retinue are actually naked.

After all I think it is all about the Diogenes' tomb inscription:

"Let the brass will grow old in time - but
Your glory will outlive the centuries, Diogenes:
You were teaching us how to live with what we have
You showed us the easiest way."

Diogenes lit a candle in the daytime, and went round saying, "I am looking for a man."

Maybe instead of showing their nudity, the Diogenes group should look for those able to help in refeering, moreover they already had such proposals.
73 Al 4L5A