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CQ WW DX CW 2008 logs analysis

It is only a few weeks before the CQ WW DX CW 2009 contest but the discussions and protests on the 2008 results are still taking place.
It is almost a detective story about RG9A's result. He submitted his log in non-assisted category both in CW and SSB contests. In the SSB contest he was moved to assisted category and even got an award for the 2nd place in the World. As for the SSB contest the situation looks more tangled.

There were rumors about an intention to DQ him, later he was moved to Assisted and so he appeared in the final results but what is surprising his result did not appear among the world leaders but only among the Russian stations as far as we are aware after the submitted protest his result was moved from assisted to unassisted and this has been confirmed by his WRTC 2010 application.

Another widely discussed topic is LY5W, who showed great score in CQ WW DX CW in SOSB 160 Assisted category. This result caused rough discussions in Lithiania and numerous complaints to CQ WW CC.

Here are the logs of the mentioned contestants along with the reports made by For Fair Contesting Group analysing the correlation between the logs and the cluster spots.
They are worth studying and so some questions may arise but some may get answers.


Analysing the logs please keep in mind that the frequency values may be incorrect and this may cause discrepancies.

This analysis can not be count as a final one and actually it is just an initial analysis for further log checking.
As far as I know CQ WW CC is going to revise the CQ WW DX CW contest results and this should appear in the November - December CQ Magazine issues.
73 Al 4L5A