More than just DX News


After CQ WPX SSB CC made log public (Thanks, great job!)
I was thinking: may I check “big guns” logs?
If I participate as part of M/M, M/S etc., can I work my club station
to give some pts to them and also have some fun with my own call? But when I start to dig…
Probably will be a better thing to “leave a shovel in the shed”.
After CC made some brave decisions in CQ WW contests(Yellow and Red cards) its seems to be affect mostly
Eastern EU operators. Reading russian spoken contest forums, boards looks like that may be a piece of true. A lad was very unhappy. But its isn’t true. Many western stations do some very “funny tricks”. One of the team members are in log, mostly on all six bands, but not in any other logs. It looks like they drive home. Turn on a radio, found club station and give them some points. I don’t think it’s a good way to win.
I don’t want to say they do those qso from a club station.
So I start from European Russians M/S. Just first three. Here some “digging” results.
Prefect operation is UA3TW(part of team RN3T).
This log(UA3TW) may be taken as example. Yes, he was part of RN3T, but at the same time he has some fun from home QTH. At least he gives some pts to RN3T competitors.
That is the “bravest” op: DK1II(DR1A), and he send a “log”. Why? Six qso in log and just one call logged.
Will DR1A win EU without having six DK1II calls in log? Absolutely! So what a reason? Did those six qs-s help them to win in the World? No!
OH6RX(EB8AH, possible mistake in log which was not corrected before submitting log).
GM7A(op GM7AAJ), GM7AAJ/M in log. And no qs-s found in others logs.
NQ4I: K4ST-qso only with NQ4I. And no log(K4ST) send.(no log, qso only with NQ4I, didn’t found anywhere, same as GM7AAJ/M). Will they win without K4ST in log? Yes and yes again.
And “winner” is:
LY5W set up new Lithuanian “record”.
Saulius also hold his old call sign: LY2BIM. I know him as a brilliant contester and nice chap.
But when I saw him log and found:
QSO: 3500 PH 2010-03-28 2308 LY5W 59 1039 LY2BIM 59 012 0

That only examples witch I found. I was don’t want to dig so deep.
Looks very sad: NQ4I trophy goes to DR1A. With lots of corrections and apologise.
So, what I going to say. That’s very, very sad.
Hey! Big Guns! Its always nice to log You, nice to hear yours calls, but where are You rolling?
If its “up”, so what next?
All this is IMHO clearly under p XIII WPX rules: unsportsmanlike conduct.
Trying to win using this way, looks for me just at least “strange” and at least unethical.
Its no more HAM radio spirit. May I lose something in school?