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CQ WW WPX CW Contest 2011

Thanks to the fairly slow voting opened on the website here come some dull time. But I am receiving messages tuned to a different note. I published an article about whether or not should UA9BA visit EF8M or not. An article has received very few comments online. As far as I know K5ZD has been getting a number of letters requesting him to formalize possible UA9BA’s trip to EF8M as an official observer of CQ WW WPX CC.

There were messages from Russia, USA and Europe. There might be more of such requests which I am not aware of. Actually, the messages, which I’ve got copies of, are enough to understand the situation. Randy, K5ZD, has firmly stated his position that UA9BA will not be give the status of an official observer, but K5ZD will accept and consider Willy’s report. We could dispute Randy’s statement and I still think that many of his arguments are weak, but there is very strong one, and which Randy sometime contradicts.

I believe that “private” visit by UA9BA has no sense and I have given my reasons in the above mentioned article. There is another side of a coin which Randy briefly touched in some of his replies. The only EF8M station inspection will probably give an unfair advantage to other contenders to top place. Is such a reason fair? In my opinion it is definitely fair and this single inspection will create some advantage to top participants.

I have already received information that some amateurs said “Hurray! EF8M will be under scrutiny and this is our chance to win”. I guess you know how they are going to win ....
In general, the presence of an observer or even a man who you invited, during the contest in the shack creates unnecessary pressure and constrain. I was quite uneasy if somebody sat next to me the whole contest. I can’t even stretch without being watched.

I think the dispute has no meaning if other participants will gain from Willy’s trip. The final decision, of course, lies with UA9BA and RD3A, but I urge RD3A to recall his invitation and UA9BA to cancel his plans to visit EF8M during CQ WW WPX CW this May.

It will be fair. Let WPX Contest Committee resolve their own problems. So far I do not see any interest from any of CQ Magazine contest committees to resolve and remove problems arisen in contesting.

In his recent interview greatly respected Jim, N6TJ, said that most of the contest cheaters are from East Europe and Russia, but all of you know that there are cheaters in North America and on other continents. Unfortunately nobody is fighting them, and such cheating habits are becoming part of contesting, i.e. it is allowed de facto. There are many facts that often the rules set by Contest Committee are broken by Committee members and by Contest directors. It is said that “fish stinks from head downwards”. I think that contest society should do something about such a head. What do you think?